The Top 10 Home Improvement Projects for Summer

Summer provides a great opportunity to fix up and increase your home’s curb appeal.  If you’re looking for some ideas, scan through this list of the top 10 Home Improvement projects for this summer. 

1 – Build a New Shed

build a new shed for property improvement

Anchor one corner of your property with a new shed. This will not only give you a place to store your lawn and garden equipment and your patio furniture in the off season, but also free up space in your garage.

2 – New Landscaping

landscaping jpg

Trim dead or overgrown branches from trees to prevent them from causing storm damage that requires home repairs and shingle replacement. Remove older shrubs from foundation plantings and replace with a weed barrier, landscaping rock, and smaller well-spaced plants to prevent dampness and pest infestation.

3 – Exterior Painting

painting jpg

Freshen the look of your home’s exterior with a new paint job. Or maybe it’s time to go maintenance-free with new siding. In either case, choose a color that appeals to the widest range of possible buyers for when it comes time to sell.

4 – New Windows

windows jpg

Replacing windows can make your home look newer. Another perk: ongoing savings in heating and cooling costs.

5 – Roof Repair or Shingle Replacement

Roof Repair Costs

Weather damage from storm and sun means that a shingle roof inspection is a yearly necessity. Keeping your roof in top condition prevents costly damage from becoming a problem.

6 – New Driveway

driveway jpg

Improved safety and aesthetics can be accomplished by installing a new driveway.

7 – New Garage Door

garage door jpg

Give your property a face-lift by installing new garage doors. They offer a fresh look and better security!

8 – Fence In Your Backyard

backyard fence jpg

A fenced-in back yard makes so much sense for keeping children and pets safe and close to home. Newer maintenance-free products are attractive and affordable.

9 – Build a Deck

deck jpg

Build a deck to provide additional living space that everyone can enjoy spring, summer, and fall. Research shows that adding a deck increases the value of your home.

10 – Go Green

energy saving solutions

Explore some type of green solution. Investigate the feasibility and tax advantages of solar panels with net metering to sell excess energy generation back to the utility company. Consider installing a rock garden; these gardens require little-to-no maintenance and provide an appealing area for entertaining and family gatherings.

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