The 10 Hottest Tools for Fall Clean-Up!

1 (60) copyFall is here in Eden Prairie and with the beautiful colors and cooler weather comes a great chance for you to do some home improvement by cleaning-up around the outside of your home. Trees, gardens, and lawns all need a little extra care before the harsh winter weather sets in. These 10 tools can help you gain some enjoyment from your Eden Prairie with  fall home improvement time.

10 Great Tools You Can Use in Fall

  1. Folding Pruning Saw – A folding pruning saw is great if you are working on tree branches that are bigger than a half-inch.
  2. Electric Leaf Shredder – If you have trees that drop leaves every fall, then this tool can be a great help, making leaves easier to bag or turning them into an inexpensive ground cover.
  3. Fiberglass Handle Garden Spade – If you have experienced your spade bending on you while gardening then you will love this tool. The fiberglass handle is sturdy and the heavy duty steel blade lets you dig hard in your garden when loosening soil or digging clumps.
  4. Bulb Planting Tool – If you love planting bulbs in the fall, a bulb planter is a must. Tools such as Bulb Hounds Garden Planter can allow you to plant bulbs at the right depth, without a lot of bending.
  5. Dethatching Rake – These specialized rakes allow you to clear through the thatch that builds up on your lawn. This clears your lawn so it can receive the nutrients and sunlight it needs.
  6. Root Irrigator – Root irrigators deliver water straight to the root of the plant, saving time and water.
  7. Transplanter Trowel – If you like to move plants around in the fall, then a transplanter trowel is the perfect tool, allowing you to transplant without damage.
  8. Lawn Spreaders and Seeders – The cooler weather is the perfect time to fertilize and re-seed your lawn. Spreaders can help make this job amazingly easy, allowing you to spread seed or fertilizer evenly.
  9. Hand Weeder or Circlehoe – If you have a lot of weeding to do, the circlehoe or hand weeder lets you dig deep and in tight places, cutting weeds off below the surface. And, it can help you do that without breaking your back.
  10. Corded Pole Saw – This tool is handy if you have branches that are high up that need to be cut, eliminating the need for climbing up ladders with tools in your hand.

Having the right tool, for the right job makes home improvement chores go much easier and faster.

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