10 Tips to Save On Utilities

save on utilities

During the cold winter months in Minnesota you may notice a hike in those utility bills. Like everyone else you may be left wondering what went wrong. Don’t worry, you can take a little action and reduce those bills. Follow these 10 simple energy saving tips and save yourself money.

1. Buy Energy Star-certified products.

Replacing all your bulbs with energy efficient bulbs will add up the savings. Many other products are energy star-certified such as fans, televisions, dishwasher and other appliances. When shopping look for the energy star logo.

2. Make a sweep of windows and doors.

Caulking window edges and adding weather striping to doors will help keep cold air out of your home. This will reduce the amount of heating your house needs and will greatly save on utilities.

3. Use a programmable thermostat.

Having control of your thermostat is easy and can save on utilities. You can stop wasting energy by programming the thermostat for when you are not home, when you are sleeping, and by keeping a more constant temperature.

4. Make use of off-peak hours.

Energy costs more during peak hours. You can get a break if you do laundry and run the dishwasher during off-peak hours such as nights and weekends.

5. Use your window treatments.

Draw the shades in the evening to create a barrier. This will keep warmth in and cold out.

6. Unplug appliances.

You will be surprised at the energy wasted when leaving things on overnight. Make sure you turn off everything before bedtime. Electronics can suck energy even when not in use, if you don’t plan to use it, unplug it.

7. Pile on the layers.

Lessen the use of the heater by putting on layers of clothing. If you are lounging at home, make use of your blankets to give your furnace a break and save on utilities.

8. Invest in insulation.

Make sure your attic is properly insulated. Also, you can add insulation to your garage door which will help reduce cold air getting into the house.

9. Give your water heater some attention.

You may need to replace your water heater with a more efficient one. You could also reduce the heat temperature on it or add a timer.

10. Reduce water use.

Take shorter showers, turn the water off while brushing your teeth. When washing dishes turn the water off while soaping and scrubbing.

We hope you find these tips, courtesy of Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows, helpful to save on your utility bills for the remainder of the winter!


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