Attic Insulation and How it Affects Your Home

attic insulation and how it affects your maple grove home

Ice dams on Maple Grove homes are caused by snow melting from heat through the roof, turning to liquid but refreezing to form an ever-growing, heavy ice block at your roof’s edge. The cure for ice dams? Keeping the attic temperature as close as possible to outside temperatures. The way to do achieve that? Adequate insulation. Having enough attic insulation in your Maple Grove home will not only reduce energy bills, but preserve home value, too, by preventing damage from water infiltration.  Continue reading “Attic Insulation and How it Affects Your Home”

Fall Design Ideas for Minnesota Homeowners

BLOG - Oct 2015 - Fall decor ideas for MN homeowners

The cool autumn air brings with it a desire to spend more time indoors, perhaps with some warm apple cider and in the company of friends. Fall is also the time of year that you start getting your home ready for the winter ahead and your design ideas should include winter preparations as well. Here are a few great design ideas to integrate within your home interior this autumn season. Continue reading “Fall Design Ideas for Minnesota Homeowners”

Prepare Your Home for a Warm & Cozy Autumn

fall roof repair and other home improvement ideas

As the leaves are starting to fall and change their color, and with winter just around the corner in Maple Grove , you might be looking for something to prepare you for fall, or just something to make your residence seem a little warmer. So here are some ideas to cozy up your home for the upcoming cooler weather. Continue reading “Prepare Your Home for a Warm & Cozy Autumn”

Fiber Cement Siding That Turns Heads


BlueBungalow - Fiber Cement Siding - James Hardie - BLOG

There are some houses on the block that just turn heads. You know the ones you can’t keep your eyes off of—they just speak to you. We compiled our favorite standout, Midwest-style homes with James Hardie siding and trim® that just seem to make us stare a little longer than we should. The kind of curb appeal that’ll get you collecting color and design elements for your own home re-side project. Continue reading “Fiber Cement Siding That Turns Heads”

How to Maintain Curb Appeal Throughout the Year

roof repair

Maintaining curb appeal throughout the year ensures that your home will look welcoming to buyers, regardless of the current season. Here are a few basic tips to help homeowners in the Twin Cities to keep their homes in top condition – especially if you’re getting ready to sell. Continue reading “How to Maintain Curb Appeal Throughout the Year”

Wood Siding is For the Birds

Wood and wood composite siding and trim give homes a traditional charm. There’s no denying their attractive looks. But, after a short honeymoon period, there’s no question they attract more than their share of trouble. The problem lies in the fact that wood has many natural predators. Weather ages it. Water warps it. And untreated wood is like a steak dinner to a colony of insatiable termites, carpenter ants and the woodpeckers that feast on them. Continue reading “Wood Siding is For the Birds”