Help Your Home Make the Best of the Short Minnesota Summer

How to Make the Most of the Minnesota Summer for your Twin Cities Residential Roof
As the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources puts it, our state is at a “climate crossroads.” Says the DNR, “drought and flood are as much a part of the state’s climate as “normal” weather.” Surviving a Minnesota winter yields the special prize of a Minnesota summer, with its brief warm (and often soggy) days. Getting ready for the next winter is a vital part of every Minnesotan’s summer plans. Be sure to pay attention to your home’s roof, so you can weather another winter just ahead.
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What You Need to Know about Stellar Windows

What to know about Stellar Window Replacement in your Minneapolis, Twin Cities Residential Home

In the Twin Cities area, many dealers sell and install new windows. The range of replacement windows Minneapolis homeowners can tap for their own homes is wide: big-box home improvement store windows; cheap, mass-produced vinyl windows; custom-made wood frame windows. Replacement windows Minneapolis homeowners enjoy most are identifiable by a few stellar qualities.

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How to Pick the Siding that Best Sets Off Your Home

How to Pick the Best Siding for Your Twin Cities Residential Home


Most siding contractors working in the Twin Cities area know that house. The neighborhood house where eager homeowners did not quite get it right. Something about the selection of roofing, siding, maybe a paint color — it does not add up to an attractive whole. The quality of installation and materials can be very high, but if an element does not fit well with the rest, your home’s value could drop. Curb appeal could be lost. How can you pick the right siding for your Twin Cities home? Continue reading “How to Pick the Siding that Best Sets Off Your Home”