Why You Need a Total Protection Roofing System

Why You Need a Total Protection Roofing System When the roof on your home needs replacement, it’s easy to get caught up comparing all your shingle options. Although choosing the right shingle is important, your shingles are just the most visible element of a complex system that’s comprised of multiple, equally-important components. If you want to give your home total protection, what you really need is a complete roofing system. Continue reading “Why You Need a Total Protection Roofing System”

Don’t just go Smart—Go Genius with James Hardie® Siding and Trim

Don’t just go Smart—Go Genius with James Hardie

Looking to make the most intelligent choice when selecting your home siding and trim? Turns out, you don’t have to overthink it to make a genius choice. Here are the reasons James Hardie® siding and trim are smarter than their siding competitors. Continue reading “Don’t just go Smart—Go Genius with James Hardie® Siding and Trim”

Get the Most from Your Home Insulation

Get the Most from Your Home Insulation

When it comes to maximizing home comfort and energy efficiency, attic insulation is quite literally “tops” among your home energy systems. Moreover, good attic insulation helps ease the burden on your furnace—more long-term savings. If you suspect you’re not getting the most from your home’s insulation, keep reading to learn how to tackle the problem with tips from your Twin Cities attic insulation experts.

Insulation Blocks Heat Flow

Home insulation works to block the natural movement of heat energy between warmer and cooler materials and spaces. So, when frigid temperatures grip the Twin Cities area this winter, your attic insulation will help prevent the warm air in your living spaces from transferring heat energy to your cold attic—better comfort, better efficiency.

Insulation Materials, Types and R-Values

Attic insulation is available in many different materials, types, and R-values (i.e. resistance to heat flow). If upon inspecting your attic you determine you need to add more insulation, it’s best to add insulation of the same material, weight, and density so that the new insulation doesn’t compress the existing insulation, which would render it less effective and efficient.

Following is an overview of popular insulation materials, types and R-values to choose from:

  • Materials: The most common materials used for residential attic insulation are fiberglass, cellulose, and foam. Fiberglass and cellulose typically have a very high content of recycled materials.
  • Types: Fiberglass and cellulose are available in batts, rolls and loose fill. Batts and rolls are installed by hand. Loose fill may be blown in via machine or installed by hand. Foam insulation may be sprayed into place via a machine or by applying sheets of rigid foam board. Spray-in foam is considered the most efficient insulation material and type per inch.
  • R-Values: The efficiency of an insulation material to block heat-energy movement is called R-value. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests R49 – R60 for residential attics in the Twin Cities area.

Installing Insulation

To get the most out of your attic insulation, or if you are removing your old insulation and installing new insulation, it’s best to consult a Twin Cities attic insulation professional. If installed correctly, your new attic insulation may well last the life of your home with no further modifications.

If you want to maximize home comfort and efficiency, contact the Twin Cities attic insulation experts at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows for a free estimate!

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Winter Upgrades for Your Minnesota Home

Winter Upgrades for Your Minnesota Home

Even though the outdoor temperatures are dropping and winter is coming soon, there are still upgrades you can make around your home that will bring you greater comfort, better energy efficiency, added enjoyment and an increase in value. As experienced home improvement contractors in the Twin Cities, here are some winter season projects that we highly recommend: Continue reading “Winter Upgrades for Your Minnesota Home”