To Replace Or Not To Replace, That Is The Question

To replace or not to replace, that is the question

The decision to have a new roof installed on your home isn’t one you should take lightly. If you’re like most homeowners, you understand the importance of having a good roof but also know a new one is a sizable investment.

So, what to do? Should you buy some more time with your current roof by trying to repair any of its existing issues? Or, has your roof deteriorated enough that making frequent repairs doesn’t make sense?

The following are some of the critical factors when deciding whether to replace your existing roof or to extend its life with routine repairs.

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Is Your Home Protected by an Ice & Water Barrier?

The first hints of autumn chill has hit many parts of Minnesota. ¬†Although winter is still a month or two away, the team at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows is preparing for colder weather by raising awareness about ice & water barriers.¬†Whether you live in Eden Prairie, St. Paul, or Fairbanks, having a secondary water barrier can mean the difference between a roof which lasts and one that leaks. Continue reading “Is Your Home Protected by an Ice & Water Barrier?”

Take Care Of The One Thing Holding Your House Together

Take care of the one thing holding your house together

People who live in the Minneapolis area understand the importance of a good roof, especially when you consider the region’s harsh winters.

But having a sound roof is essential for any season and for wherever you live. It holds everything underneath it together and protects against the weather and other potentially serious issues. That said, maintaining your roof with the proper care is a must.

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