3 Benefits of New Windows For Your Minnesota Home

If the windows of your Minnesota home are a bit on the older side, then they may be showing their age.

Installing new windows can certainly help to improve the curb appeal of your property; however, there are other benefits to upgrading your windows as well.

Benefits of Installing New Windows

The following are three major benefits that you can enjoy replacing your home’s older windows with brand new windows:

    1. Reduce your energy bills – Older windows are not very energy efficient, which can pose a costly problem — especially during the winters here in Minnesota. If you feel a cold draft by your windows, it means that they are not energy efficient. It also results in higher energy costs. For example, if cold air is coming through your windows during the winter, it means hot air is also leaving. This, in turn, means that your heating system has to work twice as hard in order to replace lost heat and to keep your home at your desired temperature. New windows will trap the heat or cool air your home produces inside the home while preventing outdoor air from leaking in, thereby keeping energy costs down.
    2.  Improve safety – Many older windows tend to be on the heavier side, making them more difficult to open and shut. In fact, it’s not uncommon for older windows to begin sticking as well, which makes them even more difficult to operate. Besides being a hassle to open and close, this can also result in a safety issue if you need to get out of the window – or if the window is unable to stay open safely. Additionally, many older windows contain lead paint, which can be a health hazard for your household.
  1. Protect your interior – Older windows don’t typically offer much protection against the sun’s UV rays. This means that the sunlight can cause your drapes, your flooring and any furniture placed near the windows to fade and lose their color over time. Newer windows are built with UV-resistant technology, which allows sunlight to come in through your windows without damaging any of your belongings.

These are three reasons why you should consider replacing your older windows with new windows. For more information about installing new windows in your Minnesota area home, be sure to contact us at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows in the Twin Cities, MN to schedule an appointment or to request an estimate.

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