3 Disasters That Happen When You Ignore A Leaky Roof

Bad news: your roof is leaking. Worse news: you are not sure what to do about it. Many people respond to a leaky roof in the short term by sticking a bucket where the water is coming from, hoping it goes away soon. You may not even know who to call for a leaky roof or assume you can fix it yourself.

But what happens if you ignore a leaky roof? Whatever the situation is, the worst thing you can do is leave the leak alone and hope it will get better. However, it will likely cause other problems in the meantime.

1. Increased Damage

Water damage is serious and only compounds over time. The first issue to consider about ignoring a leaking roof is the collateral water damage caused by water getting past your roof to the interior of your home. 

Worse, water can ruin insulation and drywall permanently. Water soaks into these absorbent materials and spreads. In short, the longer you wait to repair a leak, the more damage you will have to repair.

2. Mold

Even looking past structural water damage, the main danger of water leaking through your roof is mold. Mold can form when you don’t fix a leaking roof immediately. Even after you patch the hole, the moisture left in the attic and home can invite mold to grow and fester.

Mold comes in a variety of forms, but all are terrible for your health. Fixing your leaking roof and drying out your attic and home where water has entered can help mold from forming. It can also potentially prevent a doctor visit.

Aside from any health concerns, clearing your home of mold is a major expense and hassle to have to navigate. Wipe down wet areas with diluted bleach and use fans to dry the wet areas quickly. If mold forms and spreads, you may need to enlist the services of a mold remediation company to find and safely remove any mold.

3. Shortened Roof Lifespan

Leaks need to be taken care of as soon as they appear in order to extend the life of your roof and avoid extensive damage. As we touched on above, the result of not fixing a leaking roof is you will need your roof replaced sooner. Ignoring leaks, even small ones, will cause the roof to deteriorate quickly. Then when a roof replacement is needed, insurance will not cover the neglected roof.

Midwest Roofing Siding & Windows in the Twin Cities is prepared for all scenarios. We’ll make sure all your exterior needs are covered and everything is accounted for. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve got you covered!

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