5 Elements of Nature to Incorporate in Your Home

BLOG - Dec 2015 - Midwest - Elements of Nature

The decor that is in, or around our home can obviously affect the ambiance. As going into nature can positively affect your levels of happiness too! By including earthy hues on your walls, wood shingles, stone and plants in your living rooms, you can bring these good feelings of nature right to you.

cedar shingles on a homeStained Cedar Shingles

Pre-stained cedar shingles for the sides – or roof! – of your home of course look beautiful naturally, but are also well worth the cost of initial investment.

Cedar shingles can make your residence seem rustic, and come in almost any color that will suit your tastes.

They can last for generations, but must be maintained properly with annual inspections and cleaning for best results.

Consult with a local, trusted contractor to learn the various maintenance and repair action steps that will help keep your cedar shingles in top condition and protecting your home for years to come.

Wood Trim

wood trim inside your homeAs it is fairly easy to do, wood trim on the interior of your home can make it look ten times better.

If stained correctly, that can really bring out the colors in the woods and draw attention to it in your home, or just use it as an accent tone along with your other nature oriented items you will be bringing in.

Try to maintain consistency between the wood trim around window and doors and any other wood accent pieces.

Cupboards and furniture made of wood should be carefully compared to ensure the colors are complementary rather than conflicting.

If you do not have the budget to implement this beautiful detail – there are many affordable options that are manufactured to look identical to the “real deal.”

Low Maintenance House Plants

Easy to care for house plantsAdding care-free plants to your home might be exactly what you are looking for to add nature – the real deal – around your windowsills or living room.

Succulents, such as the snake plant or Aloe Vera, need good pots for water to circulate through, but rarely need water themselves, making them easy to maintain.

Succulents are a perfect option for homeowners who appreciate the value of plants, but do not have  green thumb – or are simply unable to devote a lot of time to keeping them alive.

The Christmas Cactus is also a great plant to start near the holidays.

It is very easy to take care of and it does not look much like a cactus with its large red and white flowers that bloom just in time for Christmas.

Stone Fireplaces

Stone FireplaceAny existing fireplace can be converted into a stone fireplace with the application of easy to install veneer or cultured stone.

These usually come with easy-to-install instructions – or you can hire a professional.

Material comes in varying colors and shapes to match your living room, and can be used as an incredible accent to already-existing furniture and decor.

Using a rustic beam for your mantle adds to the overall nature theme and provides a beautiful finish to your stone fireplace.

If you are installing the fireplace yourself, make sure to read up on the latest code requirements for woodburning fireplaces. It is also a good idea to check with your current insurance carrier to ensure your home will not lose coverage.

Paint Colors and How They Affect Your Mood

Paint Colors and other tonesLush, green walls in your living room can calm you after a long day.

Likewise, light colors, such as sky blue, leafy mint green, and pastel pink as the petals of a flower can make a room feel cool, and seem to clear your mind.

Meanwhile, warm tones like orange and sunny yellow will make you happy and energetic.

It is not just the plants and things that we find in nature that keep us feeling grounded; the colors and moods also contribute to our over health and well-being.

Choose a color for each room that will help you maintain the right “mood” and level of productivity that you need.

For an office space, you may wish to utilize a light, uplifting color to help you focus.  Bedrooms may benefit from dark, calming colors.

In the end – it is completely up to your personal preferences.

Local, Professional Help Available

For help with your home improvement needs – interior or exterior – contact our team at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows.  We have been helping home and business owners in the Twin Cities region for many years.


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