5 Exterior Home Improvement Trends

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Regardless of how quaint or grand your home is, it is your personal refuge from the hustle and bustle of the world. Consequently, it should reflect your lifestyle and personal design. Electing to invest both time and money into your home will add value to your property. Here are five home improvement ideas to consider for your home in Maple Grove and the western suburbs:

1. Appropriate selection of a roofing system

Quality roofing and siding can increase property value and curb appeal.  Proper roofing insulation will reduce the amount of energy required by your home for cooling and heating seasons. High quality shingles or metal roofing will

2. Screened in porches and living areas

Exterior spaces, like the pool, backyard and patio, can be designed to ensure optimum enjoyment throughout the summer.  Adding screens to your porch or gazebo will enable you and  your family to enjoy the outdoor fresh air and light – without the pesky mosquitoes.

3. Natural Elements

The major design trend of 2015 is au naturale – adding bits of nature to your home and garden.  Rather than concrete, use stone to pave walkways and stairs – indoor and out.

4. Neutral palettes with color pops

Bright colors are always “in” – as accent pieces.  For a home, underlying, natural tones of grey and brown will enable you to have the freedom to choose whichever accent color you like best. This will keep your home an ageless classic.

5. Handcrafted elements

More home owners are going for a more rustic look for their home exteriors – from stucco to fiber cement.  This can be complemented using custom accents like stone masonry and brickwork to create an elegant exterior for your home.


To get started with your home improvement project, Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows is offering a great coupon, which can be used on any project, from roofing and siding to adding home insulation to your attic.

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