5 Steps to a Shingle Roof Repair

shingle roof repair steps for minnesota homeowners

All roof types require consistent repairs and maintenance in order to stay in top condition. If you have a roof with many years left in its lifespan that is looking a little worse for wear, investing in shingle roof repair may be a wise decision. Here are some of the basic steps that are covered in any shingle roof repair:

1) Clean Debris

All debris that has accumulated over the year should be removed from the rooftop. On many roof types, this debris can simply be swept over the edge. Care should be taken on shingle roofs to prevent the granules from being detached.

2) Inspect for Damage

Check for rust spots on the flashing, and caulk that is cracking. Watch out for buckling, blistering, broken, missing, or curling shingles on your roof. Also, keep an eye out for lichens and mosses, which can be an indication of roof decay under the shingles.

3) Consider the Temperatures

If it is chilly outside, and you are romping around on your roof, you could do more damage than good! In cold weather, your shingles can become brittle and are more easily broken and cracked. Ice and snow can also collect on the rooftop, making the However, if it is too hot, the shingle cement will become very hard to work with.

4) Shingle Repair Estimate & Materials

Once the damaged areas are pinpointed, a price estimate can be drawn up. This price estimate should be comprehensive and include the cost of shingles, tools, accessories, and workmanship.

5) Project Completion

The project may be fairly comprehensive – once the damaged region is removed, additional problems may be unearthed. Fortunately, with a professional contractor on your team, a quick solution can be decided on with minimal hassle.

Local Professionals Available

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