6 Ways to Improve Your Lawn

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There are many ways that you can improve the appearance of your home. From roof repair to interior painting, facelifting options are many and varied.  One factor that is very easy to work with is the lawn. Like roof repair and a paint job, a good-looking lawn can make your yard more enjoyable while also raising the value of your property.

In the Midwest, growing a luscious lawn is not difficult. When problems are encountered, they are usually due to the thinness of the soil. Most lawns are atop a fairly thin layer of soil. This layer lacks the nutrients that grass needs to thrive. For a healthier lawn, it is best to begin at the source: the soil. Here are six tips for improving your lawn:

  1. Start with Aeration
    High foot traffic can cause the soil under your lawn to become compacted over time. If you have kids or pets, you may be facing this problem. Soil compaction makes it difficult for water to run off and also causes problems with air circulation. Furthermore, your grass may not be able to absorb nutrients from compacted soil. You can aerate your lawn by having a professional bring a tool that essentially punches holes in it. These holes are typically about 3 inches deep. Their purpose is to loosen the soil and allow the roots to get air.
  2. Fertilize Your Lawn
    Use nitrogen to ensure that your grass stays thick and lush. Along with nitrogen, you may need to apply some phosphorus and potassium from time to time. Opt for slow-release fertilizers, as they will help to reduce the amount of time you spend fertilizing your lawn.
  3. Avoid Mowing Too Low
    The roots of grass tend to be as deep as the blades are high. In order to keep your lawns’ roots healthy and drought-resistant, you should not cut your grass lower than 2 inches.
  4. Give Your Lawn More Water Less Often
    This allows the roots of your grass to grow deeper which will improve your lawn’s ability to withstand droughts and hot weather.
  5. Leave Your Clippings on the Lawn
    The clippings break down quickly. Once broken down, clippings return nutrients to the soil that will help to nourish your lawn. In addition, clippings can help with water retention.
  6. Use Compost from Your Kitchen
    Grass clippings are not the only organic matter that you can use to feed your lawn. Kitchen waste can also help to improve drainage, prevent soil erosion and release nutrients into the soil.

Talk to the Professionals

When working with a lawn, there are many resources available. When working with your home – Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows is available to help turn your house into a home.  Contact us for help with your next roof repair or replacement projects.

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