Add Character with Stained Glass Replacement Windows

When you’re looking to add some unique character and artistry to your Maple Grove home or business, consider window replacement with stained glass or decorative accent windows. Stained glass and decorative windows were common in older buildings, but they will suit any modern style structure and design when installed properly.

A Portal of ArtworkInterior

Stained glass windows are portals of artwork that enable you to view the world through colors beyond what’s outside your structure. Decorative accent windows with their inlaid designs of outdoor scenes or unique wooden scrollwork keep the view clear, but in a different frame than traditional window replacement offers. These types of custom windows fit in nearly any size window opening and add that extra something to your architecture without involving an entire redesign or rebuild.

The Right Design

There are a variety of pre-made stained glass and decorative accent window designs to choose from for your custom window replacement. You can also have windows customized to fit your desired end result. Classic designs for stained glass are intricate, but today’s contemporary designs are often geometric and more streamlined.

Exterior Possibilities

Stained glass and accent windows do well in more areas than you realize. A stained glass skylight brings natural light into any space and is a great way to draw the eye upward in rooms with arched or cathedral ceilings. For more depth, carry your stained glass or accent window replacement design beyond the windows and into adjacent doors to bring continuity to the exterior.

Interior Options

Custom windows are beautiful on the interior of a structure, as well.

  • A stained glass partition or frosted glass accent window in a bathroom adds privacy.
  • A drop-down stained glass ceiling brings color, warmth, and intimacy to a gathering space.
  • Installing stained glass or custom window accents in cabinetry brings a finished look to uppermost areas that are usually overlooked as unusable.
  • Fixtures featuring colored or designer glass tie the design elements of a room together, while also providing needed light.


Clever Basement Window Solution

Custom design windows are an ideal solution for lower level rooms such as basements that can feel dark. Using unique styles for window replacement lets the light in while providing privacy and cleverly disguising the fact that the area is below ground. Gazing at a stained glass window depicting a lovely scene or design is preferable to looking at the world above or feet walking by.

Choosing stained glass or decorative accent windows for your Maple Grove home, brings beauty and color into your living space. Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows offers windows from a variety of manufacturers and we can help you find the right windows for you.

Contact Midwest Exteriors to learn about all the window options available to you.

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