Attic Insulation and How it Affects Your Home

attic insulation and how it affects your maple grove home

Ice dams on Maple Grove homes are caused by snow melting from heat through the roof, turning to liquid but refreezing to form an ever-growing, heavy ice block at your roof’s edge. The cure for ice dams? Keeping the attic temperature as close as possible to outside temperatures. The way to do achieve that? Adequate insulation. Having enough attic insulation in your Maple Grove home will not only reduce energy bills, but preserve home value, too, by preventing damage from water infiltration. 

Adequate Attic Insulation

For Maple Grove homeowners, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program recommends R49 to R60 attic insulation if none exists now; add between R38 and R49 if you already have some insulation between joists.

You need not get out a calculator to decide if you have enough attic insulation. Look out over your attic, and if you see the tops of joists, you do not have enough insulation.

For Minnesota, the cost-effective addition of rolls of unfaced (no paper backing) fiberglass insulation (R38 or higher) will pay for itself in a few heating seasons.


Always roll out additional batt insulation at right angles to existing insulation, to form a tighter blanket. Avoid crowding the rafter vents, which must allow outside air to enter low and rise to exit through ridge vents. This keeps air circulating and also reduces humidity, preventing mold formation.

You can choose to add insulation over a weekend, by yourself, or you can pay for professional insulation by Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows, Inc. Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows has the specialized equipment to provide just the right amount of blown-in insulation, in just the right attic locations, to boost your energy savings.

Benefits of Attic Insulation

Horizontally installed insulation is more cost-effective than adding insulation to walls and around outlets, because expensively heated interior air rises through your Maple Grove home’s ceiling into the attic unless stopped by adequate insulation. Additional reasons to have R49 insulation in the attic:

  • A cold roof reduces the chance of ice dams—Fewer ice dams mean less chance of fascia damage; no water infiltration; and no destruction of insulation and sheathing
  • Cold attic air inhibits mold growth
  • Reduced heating costs saves electricity and fuel
  • Lower work demands on your heating plant extend the life of furnace or boiler

To learn more about professional insulation from Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows, Inc. in your Maple Grove home, contact our offices today.

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