Tips for Back to School Home Improvement Projects

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As the dog days of summer come to a close, parents with school-aged children are experiencing once again the rush of buying supplies, getting schedules in order, or finding a new route as an eldest child promotes up to a new high school or middle school. Starting a home improvement project that finishes before school starts could also lead to a fresh outlook for your family, especially in an older home, so keep in mind the benefits of togetherness and quality time, not only the cost of taking on a new project. Continue reading “Tips for Back to School Home Improvement Projects”

Roof Inspections Help Identify Damage

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In the Twin Cities metro area, there is a temperature fluctuation of over 100 degrees between July and January.  This thermal variation can really test the quality of the materials and workmanship on your roof. When heavy wind and rain is added to the mixture, each homeowner should take preventative measures to protect their homes from damage. Continue reading “Roof Inspections Help Identify Damage”

Choose the Roof That Is Best for Your Home

When you begin considering a roof replacement for your home, the very first question that pops up is: what type of roofing material should be installed? This is more than mere preference; all roofing materials are not created equal, either in terms of cost or in their ability to protect the household underneath. Here is some information to help you make up your mind about the best fit for your particular situation.

Asphalt Shingle Types

shingle roof types Continue reading “Choose the Roof That Is Best for Your Home”

Take the Stress Out of Your Projects

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Home improvement projects are a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal, improve your mode of living, and increase the satisfaction you have in your residence.  However, each worthwhile project that you undertake will require hours – days – of focused effort.  How do you find a balance between work, family, and accomplishing your projects?  Here are a few ideas for you, from the home improvement professionals and roofing contractors at Midwest Exteriors. Continue reading “Take the Stress Out of Your Projects”

6 Secrets to Increasing your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Spring is the season for boosting curb appeal. Your Champlin-area showpiece comes into full glory in a springtime setting of blossoms and buds. You have a challenge, though, to squeeze as much curb appeal into Minnesota’s short spring season. Instead of depending on greenery, some of your strategies for increasing curb appeal will focus on permanent, eye-catching improvements. Continue reading “6 Secrets to Increasing your Home’s Curb Appeal”