5 Incredible Benefits with New Siding Products

fiber cement siding for Twin Cities homeowners

There are many incredible home improvement options available in today’s market.  One of the most valuable investments comes in the form of the siding on your home.  Whether you live in urban Minnesota or out in the country, the siding that you choose affects the quality of your living – as well as the overall value of your home.   Today’s home owners have more options for improvements than ever before. It can be confusing when deciding on alternatives that will last and provide long term performance. One product that our team at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows has used and been continually impressed with is fiber cement siding.  Continue reading “5 Incredible Benefits with New Siding Products”

Fall Maintenance for Your Gutters

gutters and maintenance for fall

Reports are slowly trickling in from residents of the Twin Cities with northern cabins and vacation getaways: fall is just around the corner!  Although we would all like to enjoy these last warm days of summer, it is important to look forward to the next month to schedule out important home maintenance tasks.  Today, we would like to focus on the importance of maintaining the gutters on your home.   Continue reading “Fall Maintenance for Your Gutters”

Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer

deck maintenance options

Decks take a beating throughout Minnesota’s seasons.  From the rainfall in the spring, to the sun beating down during the hot summers, and let’s not forget the heavy snowfall!  All of these conditions can play a factor in damaging your deck.  It is important to inspect the condition of your deck on a regular basis.  Whether it is wood, composite, PVC or aluminum, take the time to make sure your deck is secure and in good working condition.  Despite what we all want to believe, accidents can happen, so take a look at the deck maintenance tips below for some help on what to look for. Continue reading “Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer”

The Astounding Impact of a New Front Door


There are probably several enterprising ways to spend your home improvement budget – a glamorous kitchen remodel with granite counter-tops, or possibly a shiny new bathroom? However, there are surprisingly few improvements more rewarding than installing a new front door. Here are 7 advantages of a new front door: Continue reading “The Astounding Impact of a New Front Door”

A Garden Shed to Match Your Home

garden shed and types of windows

If you require additional space for your landscaping and gardening tools, a small garden shed may be in order.  For homeowners in the Twin Cities, there are two basic routes you may take: purchasing a ready-made structure, or building one from scratch.  Since starting a construction project can be daunting, we came up with a handy list of tools and materials to get you started on building a shed that will match your home.  Continue reading “A Garden Shed to Match Your Home”

5 Exterior Home Improvement Trends

home insulation

Regardless of how quaint or grand your home is, it is your personal refuge from the hustle and bustle of the world. Consequently, it should reflect your lifestyle and personal design. Electing to invest both time and money into your home will add value to your property. Here are five home improvement ideas to consider for your home in Maple Grove and the western suburbs: Continue reading “5 Exterior Home Improvement Trends”

Beauty Is as Beauty Does…For Windows, that Is

replacement windows for your homeWindows are more than just a structural element of your home. The right types of windows add beauty, elegance, and sophistication to the exterior and interior of your home. From the inside, windows are the artistic frames around your view of the outside. The outside appearance of your windows affects curb appeal and compliments the style of your house.

Continue reading “Beauty Is as Beauty Does…For Windows, that Is”

Do You Know When to Replace Your Windows?

As a homeowner in the Maple Grove area, you may be wondering whether or not you should replace your old windows. New windows give your home an updated look and save you money on your energy bills because they do a better job at keeping the cold out. While replacing your old windows offers benefits, is it worth the investment? Here are a few ways to tell: Continue reading “Do You Know When to Replace Your Windows?”