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How To Know You Have The Best Attic Insulation

How important is attic insulation? If you’ve ever felt a cold draft drifting down your attic steps, worried about ice dams on your roof, or watched your heating bills skyrocket during a cold Midwest winter, then you know the answer to that question. […]

Can My Insulation Really Do That?!

Insulation plays an important role in reducing heat loss or heat gain in your home by providing a barrier between the interior and the exterior. Whether its summer or winter, home insulation should work to keep the interior temperature consistent without your air conditioner or furnace working overtime. […]

What You Need To Know About Insulation Life Expectancy

There may be no region in the U.S. where insulation is as important as it is in the Midwest. From scorching summer heat to bitter Arctic wind chills, your home must withstand a lot of extremes. At Midwest Roofing Siding & Windows, we understand a well-insulated home can keep you and your family safe and comfy year-round.  […]

6 Things You Need To Know About Your Attic Insulation

You all know your house needs insulation because it helps keep the temperature stable. But how much do you really know about your insulation?

It’s important to know why you need insulation and how it helps. Before you invest in new insulation for your attic, make sure you know these six things:  […]

Attic Insulation: 3 Ways It Boosts Your Energy Efficiency

With freezing cold temperatures in winter and hot temperatures in summer in the Twin Cities area, your energy bills can be high at times. The amount of insulation your attic has can have an impact on how much energy your home uses on a regular basis. How does attic insulation affect energy efficiency? […]

Get the Most from Your Home Insulation

When it comes to maximizing home comfort and energy efficiency, attic insulation is quite literally “tops” among your home energy systems. Moreover, good attic insulation helps ease the burden on your furnace—more long-term savings. If you suspect you’re not getting the most from your home’s insulation, keep reading to learn how to tackle the problem […]

Winter Upgrades for Your Minnesota Home

Even though the outdoor temperatures are dropping and winter is coming soon, there are still upgrades you can make around your home that will bring you greater comfort, better energy efficiency, added enjoyment and an increase in value. As experienced home improvement contractors in the Twin Cities, here are some winter season projects that we highly recommend: […]

Best Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Winter can be brutal in Minnesota, so it’s vital to take steps now to get your home prepared. You can tackle the following tasks yourself, or contact reputable home improvement contractors here in the Twin Cities: […]

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