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Behind The Scenes Of The Cost To Replace Your Siding

One popular way homeowners are improving the comfort and curb appeal of their home is by installing new siding. Over time, your home’s siding will show signs of cracking or warping, allowing gaps to form which can reduce your home’s insulating abilities. These gaps can allow for water to potentially enter and create an environment for mold to grow. Pests can also get into these gaps too and find their way into your house. When you start seeing issues like these it’s recommended to contact a trusted siding company right away for a consultation. If you’re thinking it’s about time to replace your siding, review some of the factors involved in estimating the price.


Should You Replace Your Windows When Installing New Siding?

When you plan to get new siding for your Twin Cities home, you also have the option of replacing your windows. Should you replace your windows when installing new siding? Knowing whether or not to do so depends on a few different factors. […]

Siding In MN: How To Choose The Best One For You

Siding is a critical component of any home. It adds curb appeal, reduces maintenance costs, enhances energy efficiency, and adds value to your home. There is a wide variety of siding solutions for residential homes, including vinyl, cement board, and engineered wood. Depending on your specific needs and preference, you can opt for the maintenance-free freedom of vinyl siding, the endurance of cement board, or the elegance of engineered wood siding. […]

What Are The Most Common Types Of Siding?

There is a wide variety of sliding solutions for Minneapolis homeowners to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the maintenance-free convenience of vinyl, the warm beauty of engineered wood, or the endurance of cement board siding, you can have it done for your MN home. In this article, we shall highlight the features of vinyl, engineered wood, and cement board siding to help you choose the right option for your home. Read on! […]

How To Understand The Lifespan Of Your MN Siding

Your home’s exterior siding plays an important role in its curb appeal. Loose or missing bricks, dirty wood surfaces, or chipped vinyl siding can give the wrong impression of your home. It’s important to carefully choose the right siding material and keep up with any maintenance it might require. […]

How to Ask the Best Questions About Home Steel Siding

There are a lot of different types of materials to choose from when it comes to exterior siding. When comparing different types of siding, you’ll want to look for certain things, including durability, resistance to certain types of damage, and the overall aesthetic. A high-quality siding is well worth investing in since the siding you choose is essentially the first line of protection against the elements. One siding well worth looking into is steel siding. If you’re going to consider steel siding, then there’s a number of questions that you will want to ask. […]

How To Understand The Costs Of New Vinyl Siding

When you are ready to replace the siding on your home, one of the first concerns is going to be how much will it cost. The exact cost for replacing the siding on your home is determined by a few factors. Let’s look at the three key factors and how they can impact the price of your project. […]

4 Ways To Know If New Siding Is A Good Investment

Updating the siding on your home is a major undertaking. It isn’t going to be cheap and your home will be a construction zone for a while. In most cases, it will not increase the value of your home. So, how do you know if installing new siding is a good investment? Let’s look at four things you need to consider. […]

3 Reasons Why Steel Siding Is Best For Your Home

Choosing the right material for your home is critical, and there are plenty of options for siding available. Although it’s a less conventional option, steel siding has a number of advantages in the Midwest, and all home and business owners should take a look to find out if it’s right for them. Here are three of the top reasons why steel siding is such a great choice. […]

How To Clean Your Steel Siding

Steel siding offers excellent durability, and owners can expect it to last 50 years or even longer. Although it requires relatively little maintenance, periodic cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your siding and keep it looking great. Fortunately, steel siding is fairly easy to clean, but it’s important to avoid damaging the paint or letting certain substances dry without rinsing. Here are some guidelines for how to clean steel siding. […]

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