When Checking for Possible Roof Repair, Safety Comes First!

Minnetonka is known for its harsh winters and beautiful trees, both of which can lead to the need for roof repair. Since your roof is a major investment, roof inspections done on a regular basis are a good practice as they can catch problems requiring roof repair early on.
You can do some visual inspection yourself from ground level if you have a steep sloped roof. But, if you feel you must get up on the roof to do a thorough job, know your physical abilities. A good sense of balance and the ability to move at awkward angles is required and a rooftop is not the best area to test these abilities.

Rooftop Safety Tips

bigstock-Roofer-At-Work-6383980-200x300-editedbySRA few tips to follow are:

  • Never work on a roof alone.
  • A dry roof surface is important, as a wet roof can be quite slippery. Leaves can cause a slippery surface, too.
  • Wear shoes with good traction.
  • Never get up on a roof if thunderstorms are near your area and avoid windy days as a sudden gust of wind can throw you off balance.
  • Use a properly tied-off safety harness to prevent falling from the roof, in case you slip.


When Using a Ladder, Play It Safe

Sometimes you can see if roof repair is needed by just climbing to the top of a ladder. As ladders are the usual means for gaining access to a roof, here are just a few steps to follow before climbing it:

  • Always inspect your ladder before using it.
  • Make sure someone is there to stabilize the ladder as you climb.
  • Place the ladder on a solid, level area and make sure the ladder angle is correct, which is 1/4 the height away from the building.
  • The ladder should extend 3 ft. past the edge of the roof.
  • On a wood deck, a board can be nailed behind the feet of the ladder.
  • Look out for electrical hazards above you.


Minnetonka is a beautiful area with its abundance of beautiful trees and flowers with a vast array of wildlife. Keeping your roof clear of debris from leaves and tree branches and also checking for damage that animals can cause, will lessen the need for roof repair.

Another option for having your roof inspected is to hire a roofing company who’s employees are well-trained in roof safety. Midwest Exteriors will gladly inspect your roof to see if it is in need of roof repair and can also set up annual inspections. At Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows, we work hard to maintain our reputation for good service and workmanship as roofs are our business.

When you are in need of a roof inspection or if you would like to schedule annual inspections, contact Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows.


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