Wood Siding is For the Birds

Wood and wood composite siding and trim give homes a traditional charm. There’s no denying their attractive looks. But, after a short honeymoon period, there’s no question they attract more than their share of trouble. The problem lies in the fact that wood has many natural predators. Weather ages it. Water warps it. And untreated wood is like a steak dinner to a colony of insatiable termites, carpenter ants and the woodpeckers that feast on them.

Things can get real ugly real fast

Know what you’re getting into before you commit to wood and wood-based products. Even engineered wood siding can shrink and swell in the face of Minnesota’s fluctuating temperatures and humidity, which may cause paint to prematurely crack and peel. Moisture intrusion can lead to rotting, warping and cracking. Ominous trouble spots can multiply on the exterior like ravens in a Hitchcock flick. And that’s when another predator takes aim – homeowners with better things to do than constantly repairing siding and trim.

james hardie fiber cement sidingChoose James Hardie for good looks that outlast wood

James Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim give homeowners the genuine warmth of wood, without the cold, hard reality of wood maintenance. They’re uniquely Engineered for Climate® to help keep homes looking beautiful longer despite what nature brings. Even in the harshest conditions they can resist shrinking and swelling due to an uncompromising dimensional stability that wood simply cannot match.

A 100% HARDIE home brings total peace of mind

And when you surround a home in style with James Hardie products, from top to bottom, there’s no need to knock on wood, so that hungry critters won’t come calling. America’s #1 brand of siding and HardieTrim® boards are too tough for even the hungriest of pests. No animal wants to chew or peck on a fiber cement board, especially with easier prey out there.

The design flexibility to really spread your wings

Achieve instant curb appeal and lasting character with a collection of siding and trim textures, widths and colors that can capture any home design you desire.

And why not combine James Hardie siding with the only trim and soffit that have the character to match, in both style and performance? After all, birds of a feather should stick together. Learn more about the countless benefits of a 100% HARDIE home.

The performance you require.
The distinctiveness you desire.

Local Help Available

To learn more about the many benefits of fiber cement siding, contact our team at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows.

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