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When you begin considering a roof replacement for your home, the very first question that pops up is: what type of roofing material should be installed? This is more than mere preference; all roofing materials are not created equal, either in terms of cost or in their ability to protect the household underneath. Here is some information to help you make up your mind about the best fit for your particular situation.

Asphalt Shingle Types

shingle roof types

The most popular kind of roofing materials today are any of the many asphalt shingle types. These are manufactured in two main varieties: fiberglass and an organic-based composition. Fiberglass shingles are constructed of a woven fiberglass mat covered with a layer of waterproof asphalt, and then a layer of ceramic granules which protect the shingle from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Fiberglass shingles are available as ‘three-tab shingles’, which seem to be constructed of three different pieces because of the tabs along their lower edge, but are actually just a single piece, and these generally carry warranties good for 20-25 years. Architectural fiberglass shingles are a slight upgrade from the three-tab shingles because they have an extra layer of asphalt on the lower portion of the shingle, and thus can provide even more protection from the elements.

Metal roofs

metal roof types

Metal roofs are pretty well known for having long life and resistance to weathering, but there are still some things to be aware of with metal. The 5-rib (or 5v crimp) metal roofs are popular because of their low profile and low cost. Standing seam metal roofs are more durable, with their fasteners completely hidden from the elements.

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