Choosing The Best Products To Restore Your Home’s Siding

47Vinyl and steel siding can transform the appearance of any home and with the proper maintenance and care, you can be sure that it will look as good as new for many years to come. To keep your Eden Prairie home looking it’s very best, it is important to choose the right cleaning products that will restore your siding’s appearance without damaging its surface or compromising its integrity.

At Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows, we’ve taken the time to research and experiment with a number of products to ensure the best results when it comes to your home improvement projects.

Choosing The Right Cleaning Products

Before beginning any home improvement project, it’s important to research the chemicals you’re considering, to ensure the best outcome. When cleaning your home’s siding, you’ll want to prevent any unnecessary damage in order to achieve the results you’re after. Surprisingly, some of the best cleaning products for your siding are household materials that you probably already own.

  • Water and Oxygen Bleach – Since moisture can develop on the surface of outdoor siding, mold and mildew are a common issue. You’ll want to start by removing this build-up by making a simple solution of water and oxygen bleach (be sure it’s not chlorinated). With just a little scrubbing and rinsing, any mold and mildew should simply rinse away.
  • Water and Ordinary Dish soap – After you’ve removed any mold or mildew buildup, you can then prepare to wash your home’s siding using a combination of water and an eco-friendly dish soap, which can be applied with a heavy-duty sponge. Cleaning your siding in small sections is ideal, and you’ll want to work from the bottom up to prevent streaking.

Once you’ve cleaned your siding, a thorough rinse with your garden hose or sprayer will help to wash away any remaining dirt and grime.

Cleaning Products You Should Avoid

Products that should be completely avoided include:

  • chlorinated bleach
  • liquid grease remover
  • organic solvents
  • furniture polish or cleaners

Although chlorinated bleach may sound like a good option, it is best to avoid it. The harshness of this chemical can be damaging to your siding, as well as the vegetation that surrounds your Eden Prairie home.

Here at Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows, we take pride in our ability to transform the appearance of your home. By taking the right steps and precautions before you begin any home improvement projects, you can be sure to obtain the stunning results you are after.

Midwest Exteriors has been a locally-owned business for over 40 years and is a company you can rely on and trust for all home improvement. When you are considering new siding for your Eden Prairie home, contact us here at Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows.

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