Common Minneapolis Roof Repair Problems in the Spring


Not many of our customers will remember March, 1948, when Minneapolis experienced its greatest temperature range in recorded weather history, going from a low of -27ºF to a high of 70ºF in the month. This range of 97º in one month surely played havoc with the roof of many a Minneapolitan’s home. Spring is always a time of unpredictable weather, and with it comes unpredictable roof problems and the need for reliable roof repair. By recognizing some typical trouble spots, you can be ready for roof repair issues. Even if Minnesota’s one-day temperature range record of a 71º drop in one day is broken, your house will stay cozy and dry.

What Did Winter Do to Your Roof?

A few trouble signs may emerge from beneath the snow; act immediately by contacting a trustworthy roofing contractor for quick roof repair:

  • Wind Uplift – Winter winds can pull fiberglass-asphalt composite shingles off the roof surface, breaking the adhesive bond; another gust of wind can fold back the loosened shingle or tear it off completely, leading to water infiltration.
  • Ice Dams – With warmer March weather the ice dams that followed a typical freeze-and-thaw cycle on your roof will finally melt, and water that seeped up under shingles may enter your house. You can see signs of this damage in damp spots on the underside of roof sheathing or on your ceilings
  • Calling Cards – Winter’s storms may have snapped branches and thrown them onto your roof, causing blunt force damage to shingles or leaving behind gutters full of leaves; ignored, this accumulation can cause water to back up and enter your home through the walls

Temperature Fluctuations Can Require Roof Repairs:

The typical Minneapolis, MN daily temperature changes in early spring can cause major expansion and contraction in roof elements and hasten your need for roof repair:

  • Flashing – Flashing often has caulk or roof adhesive helping to seal joints between roof sections; expansion and contraction can separate this caulk or loosen the flashing
  • Sheathing – The sheets of wood beneath your shingle or metal roof are meant to expand and contract, but they may bind or warp badly, allowing water to enter your home

Metal roofs are prone to oil canning and other temperature-related issues that could cause seams to fail and water to infiltrate

Early Detection

The key to correcting common Minneapolis, MN roof repair problems is early detection. Any incipient wintertime problems can be caught and remedied with a spring inspection and prompt roof repair. Contact Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows today so we can schedule a preventive visit.

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