The Complete Guide to Free Roof Inspections and What They Encompass

If you own a home or manage a commercial property, you should know what a free roof inspection from Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows includes. A free roof inspection allows us the opportunity to evaluate your roof’s condition and provide a free, no-obligation estimate that you can use to determine your next steps. Notably, this estimate provides substantive detail regarding the services to be performed and an approximate price.

5 Benefits Of A Free Residential Roofing Inspection

For homeowners, a free residential roof inspection offers several advantages that ensure informed decisions are made regarding what actions to take or avoid.

It can be tricky for a homeowner to understand a roof’s current condition without the eye of a trained professional. What factors dictate whether a roof meets a particular standard? A qualified roofing contractor has the tools, equipment, knowledge, experience, and training to analyze a roof thoroughly and efficiently.

Often, a homeowner is aware of a known issue, such as a leaky roof. However, they may not comprehend the relative severity of the overall situation. Maybe the unresolved problem demands immediate attention. Maybe not. A free roofing inspection gives the homeowner insight into the roof and roof deck’s condition, as well as information about repair or replacement options.

Most homeowners prefer to know what steps they can take to prolong the life expectancy of their current roofs – for at least a few additional years. This task is accomplished by identifying problematic areas and taking proactive steps to resolve them. Extending the existing roof’s life gives time to save toward the purchase of a new one.

What you don’t know can hurt you. Hidden roofing issues are the #1 cause of catastrophic loss. Many problems lie just beneath the surface, waiting for an opportune time to strike and cascade into a far more severe (and dire) outcome. A knowledgeable roofing contractor possesses the latest tools and techniques to uncover the truth.

Ultimately, a roof is the first line of defense against external forces, including rain, wind, hail, snow, and ice. A free roof inspection empowers the homeowner to understand the situation and their options.

damaged shingles on a residential roof

4 Advantages Of A Free Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial and industrial building owners and property managers have many critical responsibilities, including managing the health and vitality of their buildings.

Shingle roof with roof inspection markings

A building owner might observe a leak, water staining, or missing shingles and realize the roof has an issue. However, the building owner may not fathom the severity of the problem. A knowledgeable roofing contractor can examine identified challenges and provide an accurate estimate to resolve them.

Replacing an existing commercial roof is a massive undertaking – financially and time-wise. A free roof inspection lets the building owner understand if issues require resolution by an estimated date. The building owner also gains invaluable insight regarding what fixing these issues will cost.

A free roof inspection enables the roofing contractor to unearth possible problems that may not exist currently but could unfold in the future. This exercise also gives the building manager a veritable means to determine issues that could be critical to address.

A roofing system is much more than just the roof. All interwoven parts that connect to the roof need to synchronize for the roof to function optimally and harmoniously. Knowing the roofing system’s overall condition enables the building owner to estimate the remaining life of various roofing components.

What Does A Free Roof Inspection Encompass

Ensuring Roofing Material Uniformity

A close visual inspection enables the roof inspector to observe any inconsistencies that might suggest a more significant issue.

Examining The Condition Of Roof Components

A reputable roofing company analyzes the corresponding parts of a roofing system for issues that might have a trickle-down effect.

Identifying Inconsistencies With Roofing Attachments

Flashing. Vents. Seams. Nails. Sealants. An experienced roof inspector checks off each box during the inspection process.

How To Take Advantage Of A Free Residential Or Commercial Roof Inspection

For homeowners and businesses in the Twin Cities, Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows provides Minnesota’s foremost residential and commercial roofing services. Our commitment to exceptional customer service, unsurpassed craftsmanship, and the finest construction materials ensures you receive the best solutions.

If you own a residential home, operate a commercial or industrial building, or manage a multiunit apartment complex or condominium, you need us by your side. We proudly offer free inspections, free estimates, and free consultations. To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows today.

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