3 Steps To Take When You Need Emergency Roof & Gutter Repairs

3 Steps To Take When You Need Emergency Roof & Gutter Repairs

Minnesota weather can force any homeowner into needing emergency roof and gutter repairs. Autumn weather can turn gutters into leaf traps. Winter storms can create ice dams that ruin the lower edges of roofs. Three steps you can take in the face of emergency roof and gutter repairs are fast and easy. 

Step One: Check it Out

After any storm (heavy rains in autumn, snow and ice in winter), safely walk around your property and visually inspect your gutters and roof. Never venture out onto the roof — roofs are slippery and dangerous — but look for signs of problems:

  • Clogged, bent, dislodged, or damaged gutters
  • Uplifted shingles
  • Curled, cracked, broken or missing shingles
  • Leaking gutters
  • Blunt force impacts

Inside your home, check exterior walls near ceilings for signs of roof leaks often associated with gutter and roof damage. If you feel comfortable doing so, climb into your attic and look for active roof leaks

Step Two: Make Two Calls

File a claim with your homeowners insurance company by telephoning the toll-free number (or your local insurance agent, who can connect you). Then call your helpful, residential roofer to arrange a visit. 

The roofer can provide evidence to your insurance adjuster as to the extent of damage to your home’s roof and gutter system

Know what your deductible amount is. Most roofers and gutter contractors work with insurance companies routinely, so they will be completely familiar with the process (even if you are not). 

Step Three: Collaborate

Your roofer will work with the insurance adjuster to determine the amount of damage and the extent of the insurance claim. Work with both professionals, but recognize their expertise and facilitate any meetings, rather than attempting to run them. 

Your goal is not to challenge their findings but to get the necessary repair work started as quickly as possible. Being on hand with both professionals will expedite scheduling. The sooner the repair work starts, the more prepared your home will be before the next big storm. 

Be sure to work only with a local, reputable roofer and gutter contractor. Local companies have physical addresses within your community. They can return as needed for any additional concerns. They can help with the next round of storm damage repair. Midwest Roofing Siding & Windows serves our friends and neighbors in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Contact us today to find out more about our complete range of exterior home services, from emergency roof repair to gutter replacement and more.

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