5 Incredible Benefits with New Siding Products

fiber cement siding for Twin Cities homeowners

There are many incredible home improvement options available in today’s market.  One of the most valuable investments comes in the form of the siding on your home.  Whether you live in urban Minnesota or out in the country, the siding that you choose affects the quality of your living – as well as the overall value of your home.   Today’s home owners have more options for improvements than ever before. It can be confusing when deciding on alternatives that will last and provide long term performance. One product that our team at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows has used and been continually impressed with is fiber cement siding. 

Insulated Siding in MinneapoilisThere are a number of substantial benefits to fiber cement siding. Here are five of the most popular benefits:

1. Non combustible

Exemplary weatherproofing and fire resistant?  Sign me up! The composition of fiber cement siding is naturally non combustible, saving homeowners the worry of the alternative option. In addition, this siding type does not melt when exposed to excessive heat, unlike vinyl siding.

2. Easily Painted

Homeowners who like to plan ahead for future renovations will appreciate the flexibility of this siding. Wood is the only other type of siding that can be easily, durably painted.

3. Resistant to warping, rot, and termites

The three great enemies of siding are at a loss when it comes to fiber cement.  Fiber cement requires a little less maintenance in this territory than wood and OSB, which are both subject to warping and shrinking when exposed to the elements, whether heat, humidity, or cold.

4. Aesthetically Beautiful

Fiber cement siding is manufactured with a beautiful woodgrain appearance that is a bit more realistic than most vinyl imitations.  For homeowners looking for wood siding but not able to commit to the ongoing maintenance requirements, this product type is a viable substitute.

5. Great warranty options

Because of its durability and impervious nature, fiber cement siding manufacturers are able to offer great warranties. These warranties are designed to protect consumers from any incidental manufacturing defects. They also help to maintain a high return on investment for this product.

More Information Available

When considering new exterior protection for your home or commercial building, contact our team at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows.  We have a variety of options available to help you pick the perfect product to suit your home and style requirements.

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