Fall Reminder: Prepare Your Roof for Winter

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Homeowners throughout Hennepin County have seen our trucks and crews working year-round on roofs. Our friends throughout the Twin Cities area know that neither winter’s winds nor summer’s heat stops Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows from providing the best in roofing value and protection. So we feel a particular urgency to remind Maple Grove homeowners that, with snowy weather approaching, now is the time to take a few precautions, from roof inspection to attic insulation, to ready your roof for winter.

Roof Inspection

Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows has the safety equipment, trained crews and experience to walk your Maple Grove home’s roof safely and comfortably, so we do not recommend do-it-yourself roof inspection. When you contact us, we will perform a thorough, inch-by-inch roof inspection:

  • Ridge vents
  • Roofing material—Whether fiberglass-asphalt shingles, metal shingles, metal seam roofing, shakes or slate
  • Ice shield
  • Gutter connections
  • Flashing

Generally our thorough roof inspection finds only a few minor issues, but nobody, including our Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows crews, wants to work on a roof in winter. You are better off having us find and perform necessary roof repair during milder fall weather than responding to an emergency roof leak in a snowstorm.

Attic Insulation

A detailed exterior roof inspection will not reveal issues with the underside of roof sheathing or problems with attic insulation. Maple Grove’s climate extremes need not put a crimp on your home energy budget when you have adequate attic insulation. Insulation also provides a tell-tale of other problems:

  • Tiny, football-shaped “dirt” pellets on the insulation suggest intrusive pests
  • Damp, flattened or soggy insulation fibers reveal small roof leaks, which must be corrected quickly to prevent further damage

Readying your Maple Grove home for winter means preventing rodents and insects from taking up refuge in your attic:

  • Check gable vents for holes large enough to admit rodents
  • Look down at rafter ends to verify diffuse daylight from properly louvered soffit ventilation but no strong, direct light from holes
  • Look up, at the ridge vents to ensure no gnawed holes exist

Examine the underside of sheathing, too, for mold. If present, mold can be eliminated by a combination of proper attic ventilation and a quick spray with a bleach solution from a hand sprayer.

Contact Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows today so we can help you ready your Maple Grove home for winter, with expert roof work and other preventive measures, such as gutter spruce-ups and additional insulation.

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