Freshen Up With Interior Painting

attic_bedroom_sw-hgtvdreamhome-2One of the best ways to freshen up your home and give it a new look is to plan an interior painting project. Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls of each room in your home comes with a variety of benefits. One of the biggest is that you can update your entire home for just a fraction of the cost of doing even a small renovation. Other benefits include:

  • Increased home value
  • Cleaner looking rooms
  • Less mold and mildew on the walls

When choosing the color scheme for each room of your home, there are a few things that you’ll want to take into consideration. First and foremost, the décor in each room should make an impact on your paint color decisions. For example, if a room is filled with antiques, sticking with darker colors such as grey, blue, and brown will help to add a traditional look and feel to the area.

Keep things neutral with beige and mild yellow colors if you’re going for a modern look and feel. Another thing to consider is what each room is being used for within your home. Rooms that are meant for family time can be spruced up with brighter colors such as white and green. Red and orange are fun for rooms that are used just by the kids.

Bathrooms and kitchens are great places to use tiles and other fun accents on the walls, which will help you to choose the colors of paint that will be used for the walls. You may even want to paint two-tone colors in some of your rooms. The options really are limitless.

You can do the interior painting yourself, but realize that there is a lot of planning and work that has to go into it if you want a professional look when the project is complete. Hiring a professional will take the pressure off you and ensure that the paint goes exactly where it’s supposed to – on the walls – and nowhere else. Please contact Midwest Exterior Plus to discuss and plan the painting of the interior of your home.

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