6 Things You Should Know About Gutter Leaf Protection Systems

6 Things You Should Know About Gutter Leaf Protection Systems

6 Things You Should Know About Gutter Leaf Protection Systems

Good: seamless gutters. Better: seamless gutters with gutter covers. Best: Seamless gutters with leaf guard systems. For Twin Cities homeowners—especially homeowners on wooded lots—the right gutter leaf protection systems can mean the difference between healthy homes and degraded foundations.

Simply Seamless

Why do homeowners have seamless gutters installed on their Twin Cities homes? To prevent clogs and leaks by reducing the ridges and snags caused by seams. With seamed, sectional gutters, every joint is a flaw:

  • Each joint must be sealed with some material that impedes water flow.
  • Every joint has to be sealed against leaking.
  • Natural thermal expansion and contraction weakens every seam
  • Over time, seams leak and cause debris clogs.
  • Clogged gutters overflow, threatening to weaken home foundations by saturating the adjacent soil.

Seamless gutters simplify all that by having the absolute minimal number of seams (at corners and downspouts alone). Long, sleek runs of custom-built, carefully fastened gutters allow water to slide downhill to downspouts and away from your foundations. 

Clogs can only occur if the gutters themselves become packed with leaves, twigs, and other organic debris. 

A Plethora of Problems

Foundations weaken when the soil next to them becomes permanently saturated. The soil saturates when gutters overflow, instead of ushering water off your roof and far out into your yard. But weak foundations are only the start of the headaches you will face with clogged gutters:

  • Ruined landscaping from cascading water flowing over the front of gutters choked with leaves.
  • Rotten fascia trim boards from water overflowing the back of gutters jammed by organic debris.
  • Streaks and stains on exterior siding from water flowing down your walls.
  • Mold, mildew, moss, and algae growth on your home’s exterior walls, drip edge, and even onto your roof from the constant humidity and moisture.
  • Weak spots for rodents, birds, and insects to establish nests in gutters, under eaves, and even inside your attic space due to rotten trim from saturated boards.

Fix It

You can prevent clogs on sectional and seamless gutters by cleaning them out several times a year. This might be a do-it-yourself job if your gutters are not particularly high and you are adept at extension ladder work. Otherwise, hire a service to clean your gutters. 

An alternative way to fix clogging gutters is to prevent leaves and other debris from falling into your gutters. For that, you need a gutter leaf protection system. 

When choosing gutters and a gutter leaf protection system, also consider the company installing the product. Avoid doing the job yourself (you could void a warranty) or employing a handyman service. 

You need an installation service with connections to the manufacturers, the way Midwest Roofing, Siding, & Windows is connected to PlyGem, a leader in gutters and accessories. 

The gutter protection system you select should fulfill its purpose and last for as long as the gutters it protects. 

Six Facets

A high-quality gutter leaf protection system will have six facets for you to look for:

  1. Works easily with seamless gutters— as with the LeafProof® and LeafRelief® Gutter Protection Systems offered by Midwest.
  2. Practically invisible—The two gutter protection systems offered by Midwest are placed under the first row of shingles and screwed down onto the top of your roof, giving them a low profile that is barely visible.
  3. Substantial product—Rather than depend on flimsy vinyl, a good gutter leaf protection system should be as durable as the gutters themselves; PlyGem’s products are made from copper or aluminum.
  4. Largely self-cleaning—A gutter leaf protection system does you no good if you have to climb a ladder to clean the gutter protection itself; PlyGem’s products allow water to flow freely while leaves are lifted away from gutters with every breeze.
  5. Protected with Strong Warranties—PlyGem backs their LeafProof® and LeafRelief® Gutter Protection Systems with 25-year warranties.
  6. Repels birds, insects, and squirrels—The heavy, thick metal protecting your gutters from debris is also impenetrable by pests, so you never have to worry about nests and clogs.

Find It

Find a reputable company able to offer strong warranties. May we suggest:

  • You not only must select a good gutter leaf protection system such as PlyGem’s products, but you also need the system expertly installed by highly skilled technicians. 
  • Select a contractor with close connections to the manufacturer to get the best warranties. 
  • Choose a local contractor with a physical address (Our address is 3543 88th Ave NE, Suite 300 in lovely Blaine, Minnesota—drop in and see us!).
  • Select an installer with years of experience using the recommended products and installation methods.

Midwest Roofing, Siding, & Windows in Minnesota’s Twin Cities wants to help every homeowner preserve home value, curb appeal, and home protection. Contact us today to learn some of the many benefits of gutter protection. At Midwest, gutter protection systems are designed to keep your exterior walls pristine, your foundations dry, and your gutters clean and clear.

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