Why Do You Need Gutters For Your Home

Why Do You Need Gutters For Your Home

The Romans used them. Stone churches disguised theirs as gargoyles. Gutters date back at least 3,500 years, for good reason. Gutters at the top of your home preserve the bottom of your home. 


Water falls. Gravity pulls rainwater, melting snow and ice, and all other precipitation off your roof. The properly maintained roof on your Twin Cities-area home sheds the water well enough, but what then? Without gutters, the water falls off the roof edge, right over your home’s foundations. 

That water soaks your landscaping and then soaks your foundations. Wet foundations, or soft and damp soil against them, can cause enormous damage. Wet foundations can crack, shift, soften, and leak. You could be facing tens of thousands of dollars in foundation repair. 

Gutters to the Rescue

Gutters may seem like insignificant parts of your house. They are not. The nearly horizontal pieces channel water to downspouts, which usher the water away from your foundation and out into your yard. Though unassuming, gutters really are heroes on your house. 

Damaged, dented, loose or corroded gutters are as bad as having no gutters. They cannot move water safely away from your home, and a clogged gutter can lead to water infiltration within your walls. 

Fresh, new seamless gutters custom-cut at your home are like an insurance policy protecting your foundation. They help prevent water infiltration and a wet foundation. 

Best Gutter

Beyond choosing a seamless gutter, no one gutter design is best for every home. The gutter you choose, however, should have a few important traits: 

  • Quality, heavy-duty material
  • Seamless construction
  • Strong, durable attachment
  • Flawless, professional installation

The proper installation, using the right equipment and highly trained technicians, is roughly half the formula for gutter greatness. Gutters are not a do-it-yourself project. They need to be properly sloped, correctly attached, and precisely fitted. 

Seamless gutters reduce joints which can cause clogs. Still, even a seamless gutter must turn corners, link to downspouts, and have end caps. All of these joints are challenges best left to professional gutter installers

We’ll Come Down

Rain comes down for good or bad. Rain can rot fascia boards and soak your home’s foundations. Faulty gutters can bring you down, too, if they cause pricey problems. 

Call Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows, Inc. today and we’ll come down to inspect your home, present you with gutter solutions which will improve the appearance of your Twin Cities home.

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