Cleaning Your Yard for Spring & Other Homeowner Maintenance Tips

spring cleaning and energy saving insulation

Homeowner Spring Maintenance

With the ever-warming temperatures in Minnesota, the absence of snow draws attention to your yard once again.  Lawns and the rest of your landscaping require some extensive cleaning in anticipation of the spring.

Yard cleaning basically involves the removal of refuse from the grass and planting beds.  This will probably include the removal of litter, leaves, and pinecones from the lawn, as well as the removal of dead leaves and stalks on perennials. For most pet owners, this time of year also includes picking up pet refuse that was forgotten or hidden by winter drifts. Start your garden vegetable indoors at this time of March, carefully sprouting seeds and nurturing them. Once you have your outdoor landscaping planned and begun, the spring becomes a waiting game, until frost is no longer an issue.

What should you do in the meantime?  Here are some ideas:

Conserve energy by turning down your thermostat a couple degrees

Turning down your thermostat as well as the unused lights and computers in your home will not only lead to lower heating bills, it will also reduce the production of coal, natural gas and oil, which often lead to greenhouse gases that significantly contribute to global climatic changes. Such climatic shifts can potentially lead to more frequent damaging storms.

Maintain your septic tank

A properly maintained septic tank will necessarily be more efficient and safe to use. Having your septic tank pumped every 3 years will not only prolong the usable life of the septic tank, it will render your septic system more efficient.

Turn the water heater down

In addition to insulating your water heater and pipes,turn the water heater down to 120 degrees. Alternatively, install an on-demand water heater and low flow faucets and shower heads. This will help you to achieve lower heating bills during the spring.

Clean your furnace filter

Cleaning or replacing your furnace filter will not only keep your internal air cleaner – it will also render the furnace more efficient.

Water only where it is needed and use an efficient irrigation system:

To water your yard and garden during the warmer months, invest in efficient  systems (such as the drip system, which delivers the water directly to the root zones where it is needed) or rain barrels, which attach to your gutter systems.

Best of luck to all homeowners in Minnetonka and the western suburbs who are getting their homes ready for spring!  Contact Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows for help on your home improvement projects, from remodeling solutions to energy saving insulation installation.

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