Make The Best Home Siding Aesthetic Choices

Steel siding can add curb appeal to a home and should be considered if you are going for a modern look. Here are some major considerations when investing in siding with aesthetic considerations.

Advantages of Steel Home Siding

Steel siding is durable and customizable. It can be used for horizontal or vertical designs. The fact that the material lasts for decades makes it attractive for a variety of construction projects. Its shiny reflective appearance gives steel a fresh and familiar appearance. From a practical standpoint, steel has energy efficient, secure and low-maintenance qualities.

The beauty of steel can partly be attributed to its durability, as it doesn’t degrade the way wood does. Steel doesn’t warp, fade, chip or crack, while resisting wind and fire. Metal siding also adds a layer of insulation to your home that helps contribute to energy efficiency and lower energy bills. The robust material, which is common in the midwest, helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Another key advantage to steel siding is its seamless quality, which contributes to its beauty. Steel siding has no cracks to let in environmental elements such as bugs, moisture and debris. Siding that has cracks allows entry for these elements, whereas steel eliminates the chance. The seamless steel appearance conveys a sense of strength.

Why Aesthetics Matter

Investing in aesthetics for your home siding shows that you care about your community. Each home in a neighborhood contributes to the area’s overall image. Home siding aesthetics are subtle and may not be noticeable to everyone, but can impress people who pay attention to detail.

Sometimes the aesthetic value of a building material is derived from its underlying practical value. Steel, for example, is eco-friendly, reduces waste and can be recycled. People who have studied the environment and sustainable technology have developed an appreciation for certain aesthetics that visually communicate sustainability.

Economics of Aesthetics

Upgrading siding strictly for aesthetic reasons can be a worthwhile investment that can raise the value of your home. The key is how long you plan on staying in the home until you sell it. You will get the most value out of your investment if you view it as a long-term strategy. If you plan on selling the home right away, one of your options may be to purchase a low-cost vinyl siding product, which will project a new appearance.

Siding Options

The main types of metals used in metal siding besides steel are aluminum, zinc, and copper. The metal can be molded and shaped many different ways depending on your tastes. Steel can be painted any color and then repainted without worrying about paint chipping for a long time. Eventually, the paint may fade or chip, in which you’ll simply need to have the metal cleaned and repainted.

You have various materials beyond metal to choose from, including vinyl, fiber-cement or wood. Homeowners often choose vinyl because it tends to be maintenance-free. Fiber-cement has a long lifespan and wood simply conveys warmth. Each of these materials offers its own aesthetic beauty.

What Might or Might Not Work

Sometimes aesthetics can be tricky in the sense that a certain look can work well in one neighborhood but not another. The style and color of homes in your neighborhood sets the tone for defining curb appeal. Homeowners who like to get the best of all worlds sometimes mix steel, concrete, and wood to present an attractive design displaying a mix of modern building materials.

Color and texture are key components that contribute to curb appeal. What’s great about color is that there are so many different choices available. This multitude of color options allows for a wide range of diversity in any neighborhood. Steel has a clean and shiny look that doesn’t fade and blends well with most colors. In order to ensure that steel maintains its bright appearance, the siding must be sealed and finished.

Homes typically have at least five textures for the exterior. Brick, for example, is a common texture for chimneys, which can be found on many homes. Mixing different colors and textures on one home can help create diverse artistic appeal. New styles are emerging that lean toward natural elements.

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