Home Siding Ready for Every Midwest Season

With its hot summers and cold winters, Minnesota is all about extremes. It’s an upper Midwest state, which means it has some of the widest variety of weather conditions in the U.S. In Minnesota, each season has distinct qualities, like below-freezing temperatures, record-high heat waves and even tornadoes.

When nature throws ever-changing weather at you, it’s especially important to feel protected in your home. With James Hardie® siding and trim, you can rest easy no matter what season lies around the corner.

Regardless of where you live, James Hardie has formulated home exterior products that take your region’s climate into account and called it the HardieZone® System. The system entails climate-specific product formulations for distinct climate zones, and there’s one product zone specifically for the upper Midwest – HZ5® product zone.

Here’s how James Hardie® works with your Minnesota seasons:

Hot summers.  Minnesota summers average temperatures are in the mid-80s, but can peak as hot as 114 degrees. Thankfully, James Hardie had the heat and beating sun in mind when crafting its ColorPlus® siding and trim. The ColorPlus Technology finish is a multi-coat, baked-on finish that resists fading to help retain its vibrancy longer in the Midwest’s UV conditions.

Cold winters. Perhaps Minnesota’s most well-known season, winter, flaunts below-freezing temperatures, feet of snow (look out Duluth locals, with an average snowfall of 85 inches per year), freezing rain, hail and sleet. James Hardie HZ5 siding is winter ready, able to resist shrinking, swelling and cracking even after years of wet and freezing conditions.

Windy fall and spring seasons. Autumn and spring are the windiest times of the year in Minnesota, but James Hardie products can serve as your windbreaker. Turns out, fiber cement siding helps resist the impact of windblown debris. Heavy winds, blizzards and tornadoes can hit hard and fast in the Midwest, and James Hardie siding can help you feel protected. Check out this video of what homeowners, contractors and architects have to say about Super Storm Sandy and the durable qualities of James Hardie siding.

Winter, spring, summer or fall, James Hardie Siding and Trim is ready to help protect regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for the upper Midwest.  Talk with one of our consultants at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows to discuss James Hardie Siding and Trim.

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