How Can You Choose the Best Roofer In Your Area?

How Can You Choose the Best Roofer In Your Area?

Finding the best roofer in your area is essential when you need a new roof or roof repairs. An expert roofer can provide exceptional workmanship quality, whether you have a roof replacement or repair. Since many homeowners don’t have roofing expertise, how can you tell if you’re hiring an expert roofing company? Remember the following information to find the right roofer for your home.

Roofing Company vs. Independent Contractor

While searching for roofers, you might come across independent contractors who offer roofing services. These contractors might know how to do simple roof repairs. However, they won’t have the expertise necessary for more complicated repairs or roof installations.

Stick to roofing companies rather than independent contractors during your search. Legitimate roofing companies will have experience with installations, repairs, and other roofing services. They’ll also have the knowledge, tools, equipment, and expertise needed for roofing work.

Licensing and Insurance

Minnesota requires residential roofers to be licensed. Independent contractors usually won’t have this licensing, while legitimate roofing companies will. When you’re considering hiring a roofer, ask for their licensing information. A valid license indicates that the roofer has the skills and training needed for roofing work.

Roofing companies should also have liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Liability insurance covers the roofing company’s actions if they result in injuries or property damage. Workers’ compensation covers roofing workers if they get sick or are injured while working on your roof.


Asking past customers about their experience can help you learn more about a roofer. When you’re thinking of hiring a roofer, ask for references first. Contact these references to ask questions about their experience, such as whether there were any delays. You can also ask how satisfied they were with the roofer’s work.

Ask for at least three references to understand the roofer’s workmanship quality better. You can use the information you get from the references to help you decide if you want to hire that roofer.

Roofing Estimates

Many homeowners have a specific budget for roofing work, which makes roofing estimates important. Roofing companies should provide you with an estimate for the work needed. Ideally, roofers should visit your home to see your roof in person before coming up with an estimate.

Estimates given over the phone aren’t as accurate as estimates provided after a physical inspection of your roof. Your roofing estimates should have details on what is included, which makes it easier to see what you’re being charged for. When you have this price breakdown, you can decide if the roofer offers services within your budget. Remember that roofing estimates can change slightly, such as if an issue occurs during roofing work. Ask whether the roofing company offers financing, especially for major roof projects.

Project Timeline

Some kinds of roofing work can be done in a day, while others might take a few or more days. Roofing companies can provide you with an estimated timeline for your project after considering several factors, such as the type of work being done and whether or not they need to order supplies or materials.

An estimated timeline can help you plan ahead in case you need to make arrangements for kids or pets to be elsewhere during the project. Delays, such as when roofers must wait on back-ordered materials, can occasionally happen. Your roofer should communicate with you promptly if any delays are expected.

Set Up & Clean Up

Ask how the roofing contractor deals with setting up for a roofing job and also cleaning up afterwards. Be sure their policies are in line with your standards so that you do not have any communication problems after the job is complete. The best contractors will ensure that your home and landscaping are protected before they start the work, during the work and that everything is cleaned up to your satisfaction following the roofing project.


Some roofing warranties cover manufactured materials, while others cover workmanship. Having warranties can help ease the financial burden if you need to have repairs or other work done to correct poor workmanship or replace defective materials. The most reliable roofers offer warranties on their work.

Hire the Best Roofer in the Twin Cities

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