How Do I Know If My Gutters Need Replacing?

The gutter system along your roofline provides a valuable service. Those gutters help to capture precipitation as it runs off the roof and directs it away from the foundation of the home. As with any aspect of your house, the gutter system will need replacing from time to time. Here are some tips that will help you decide if repairs or replacements are needed.resedential_gutters1

Rust or Holes Along the Line

While the gutter system is subjected to a lot of wear and tear throughout the year, the winter months can be especially brutal. The ongoing accumulation of snow, ice, and sleet can put quite a strain on the system. Once spring arrives, you may find that one or more sections have sustained a great deal of damage.

Check for holes in all the sections and see what you find. You also want to check closely for any signs of rust that developed due to scraping as different elements passed through the system. If you see any signs that indicate the sections are not going to make it through the spring rains, call Midwest Exteriors immediately.

Warping and Gaps

Over time, the changes between hot and cold can cause some gutter sections to warp. This decreases the tight fit between those sections. The result is gaps that make it easy for water to leak as it runs through the system.

There is no real way to repair warped sections. Your only option is to call a professional and have them replaced. Midwest Exteriors can match the section design and size with the rest of the existing system. That attention to detail will minimize the chances of needing more replacements in the near future.

Damaged Gutter Fasteners

After a long hard winter, you want to pay special attention to the condition of the gutter fasteners. Since they help to hold the other components in place, the last thing you want is fasteners that no longer do the job. If the fasteners are broken or damaged in any way, Midwest Exteriors can replace them at once and the potential for weakening the entire system is eliminated..

Always have a professional inspect the gutters at the end of each season and see if replacements are in order.. Along with clearing the gutters regularly, this is one of the best things you can do to protect your investment in the roof and in your home.

If you believe your gutters need replacing or just repair, call Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows Inc. Our skilled staff will be happy to help you out.

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