How to Choose the Best Gutters for Your Home

Well-functioning gutters are essential; they capture rain and melting snow that runs off the roof and redirect it a safe distance away from your home’s perimeter. If it’s time to replace your gutter system, you need to choose one that’s durably-built and have it properly installed to provide peace of mind that your home and property is protected against:

  • Soil erosion around the foundation, ruined landscaping and basement flooding,
  • Damage to the siding and exterior masonry.
  • Cracking and settling of your driveway, walkways and patio.
  • Deterioration of the fascia boards, shingles and roof decking.
  • Attic, exterior wall and ceiling damage from water backups caused by ice dams.

Qualities to Look for in a Gutter System

When you’re comparing different gutter systems, look for one that offers:

  • Quality material. With our extreme Minnesota climate, it’s best to avoid inexpensive vinyl and thin “DIY grade” aluminum gutters found in most home improvement centers because they’re too flimsy and won’t last. Custom-crafted aluminum gutters are a better choice for a Twin Cities home because they’re fashioned from thicker, more durable 0.27 or 0.32 gauge material. These gutter systems also feature a high-quality painted finish with many attractive color choices, and since they’re aluminum, they won’t rust.
  • Seamless construction. Seamless gutters are fabricated from a continuous roll of aluminum at the time of installation so there are no joints that can leak. And because they’re custom fitted along your roof edge, they blend in perfectly and complement your home’s aesthetic.
  • Durable attachment. For your gutter system to function properly, it has to stay in place without sagging under the weight of heavy rains, ice and snow or from normal expansion/contraction. This makes it vital to choose a system that uses heavy-duty, free-floating hangers engineered to carry the weight and let the gutters slide as they expand/contract.
  • Expert installation. It takes expertise to design, fabricate and install a gutter system that can fully protect your home against water damage. Skilled home improvement contractors in the Twin Cities know how to calculate the ideal size for your new gutters and downspouts, then angle and pitch the troughs and place the downspouts to achieve effective drainage. A contractor who specializes in custom gutters should also advise adding a well-built cover to prevent clogging and reduce maintenance.

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