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How to Choose the Best Siding for Your Home

As a homeowner, you may be wondering what your siding options are. Siding forms an important line of defense against environmental elements. It’s essential for a comfortable living environment, alongside properly installed roofing. 

Siding can also improve your home’s appearance and curb appeal. As such, careful consideration when making decisions on siding is essential. Below is a simple guide for choosing the best siding for your home.

What Are Your Siding Options? 

Researching the available options is an important first step. There’s a wide range of siding materials and styles. Each option has pros and cons to consider. The common options include:

  • Wood – Include shingles, clapboards, vertical boards, and plywood sheet siding. You can use wood siding on a wide range of structures. It also offers style variety, and installation is relatively simple. However, wood needs more maintenance, like periodical treatment. It’s also prone to pests.
  • Metal – It is highly durable and offers a variety of material choices, styles, and colors. Options include corrugated aluminum and galvanized steel. A key advantage of metal siding is structural sturdiness and impact resistance. A drawback is that metal siding can be very expensive.
  • Stone – Include slate, limestone, granite, and flagstone wall shingles. Stone siding is durable, eco-friendly, and highly decorative. It’s an excellent choice for aesthetics. However, the initial cost of stone siding is higher than other types of siding.
  • Plastic – As an artificial siding option, plastic is cheap and offers plenty of style and color choices. Constructed from vinyl or PVC, plastic siding can imitate other options like wood and stone. The drawbacks of plastic include heat sensitivity and potential environmental detriments.
  • Composite – Materials used in composite siding include asphalt shingles, hardboard, fiber cement, aluminum, and fiberboard. They come in a variety of shingle and board styles. Composite siding is great for imitating other siding options that wouldn’t be suitable for your local environment. 

Important Factors to Consider

You should factor several crucial aspects into your house siding decision. These factors include weather resistance, installation, energy efficiency, versatility, and aesthetics

Durable, weather-resistant siding will have a longer life span and require minimal maintenance. You must be confident that your home’s siding will stand the environmental conditions in The Twin Cities metropolitan region. These include heat, cold, and inclement weather.

The ease of installation determines whether you’ll go DIY or hire a professional siding service. Regardless of your siding choice, it’s advisable to let experts handle the installation for the best results.

You should also consider the siding’s energy efficiency. Different siding options have varying insulation properties. Research the R-value ratings of your choice materials. This helps you determine the level of insulation required beneath the siding. 

Your siding option should also offer versatility to meet any specific project needs. Some siding options play well with certain aspects of your home’s exterior than others. Ensure you understand any adjustments or additional costs that may arise with each option. 

Finally, your home’s curb appeal is crucial. Choosing the right siding and colors can do wonders for your home’s exterior. Improved aesthetics can increase your home’s market value. Whether it’s a new build or a renovation, siding that complements your home’s design is a huge plus. 

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Overall, choosing your home’s siding is a major decision. The right siding choice ensures a stable and comfortable home environment your family can enjoy for years. Enlisting reputable professional remodeling services can help you realize this goal. 

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