How To Choose the Best Siding for Your Twin Cities Home

Choosing siding options for your Twin Cities home involves learning about the several different types of sidings available to enhance your home. New siding increases the value of a home. Selecting the right type of siding that will last for decades is important.

Weather and durability

The Twin Cities get extreme weather during the winter season. The type of siding you select must be waterproof, and resistant to snow, sleet, and hail. Your roof overhang will protect part of the siding, but most of the structure will be exposed to the elements.

The siding should be easy to clean after winter has passed. Hosing down the side of your house to remove accumulated dirt should not be difficult. The siding should hold up to occasional pressure washing.

Energy efficiency is also important. The siding must be able to work with your insulation and HVAC system to hold in the heat during the winter and spring. The Twin Cities have hot, humid days during the summer and your siding and roof should hold in cooled air.

Ease of installation is also important. You might be disrupted while the siding is applied and you want it installed quickly.

Aesthetics and types of siding

Your home’s siding should add to its curb appeal even if you are not planning to sell your home. There are several types of siding available to showcase your home.

Vinyl is the most common type of siding. It is durable, versatile, and easy to install. The cost is lower than other materials. Vinyl comes in different colors and textures that eliminate the old “plastic” look. New vinyl styles can imitate wood, stone, and other materials.

Wood shakes and shingles complement Cape Cod and traditional Craftsman architecture. Brick and stone are popular siding materials. Stone and/or brick can be combined with engineered wood for certain architectural styles.

Your siding options for Twin Cities dwellings will depend on the design of your home and the materials used in the original construction. You may have an exterior remodel that allows you to expand and change your siding to a more modern or traditional style.

Professional installation

Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows will help you select the best siding for your home based on your budget and architecture. We install all types of siding including vinyl, engineered wood, cement board, steel, brick, and stone.

Contact us today for information on our Siding Decider that allows you to check out different siding options.

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