How To Clean Your Steel Siding

Steel siding offers excellent durability, and owners can expect it to last 50 years or even longer. Although it requires relatively little maintenance, periodic cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your siding and keep it looking great. Fortunately, steel siding is fairly easy to clean, but it’s important to avoid damaging the paint or letting certain substances dry without rinsing. Here are some guidelines for how to clean steel siding.

Step One: Scrub Away Dirt

Scrub brushes are ideal for cleaning your steel siding. Pick up a brush made of a soft material; nylon, in particular, is a great option that won’t scratch your paint or otherwise damage your steel siding. Consider using a brush with a removable handle, as being able to attach a long handle can help you reach high spots. Scrub both side to side and up and down to make sure you reach all of the dirt. Note that dirt can stain or even corrode steel over time, so make sure to brush your siding on a regular basis.

Step Two: Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Many types of soap can be used to clean your steel siding, but laundry detergent is a convenient option. Mix in one-third of a cup of laundry detergent with six gallons of water in a bucket, and place this liquid inside of your pressure washer. Set your pressure washer to the lowest setting and slowly spray your siding in even strokes. Setting the pressure too high can damage your paint, and the lowest setting should provide ample pressure, especially if you clean on a regular basis. It can be difficult to clean your siding during Twin Cities winters, so make sure to clean your siding before the cold weather comes.

Step Three: Rinse and Let Dry

Leaving any type of soap or detergent on your siding can cause corrosion or damage the paint, so make sure to bring out your hose to thoroughly rinse away any cleaning material. If you have large sections of steel siding, you may want to take a break on occasion to rinse off the soapy water before heading to a new section of your siding. Although clean water shouldn’t cause corrosion, you may want to clean your siding while the sun is still out so it dries faster.

Steel siding offers excellent protection for your home, and a bit of maintenance goes a long way toward ensuring your steel siding last. If you have any questions about cleaning steel siding in the Twin Cities, contact us at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows to find out more.

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