Ice Dams: Looking Pretty But a Major Problem

Ice dams can form on your roof whenever snow melts and leaves water behind that then refreezes at the roofline. This is often apparent whenever there are icicles present along the eaves of your roof. Many people never give ice dams a second thought, but the fact is that they can cause damage to your roof as well as to the interior of your home if left unchecked.

Why Are Ice Dams a Problem?

bigstock-After-The-Storm--1331490When an ice dam forms, water may not be able to drain from the top of your roof as it should. This water needs somewhere to go, and may wind up getting underneath the shingles on your roof instead. Having water underneath your shingles not only reduces the lifespan of your roof, but it can also lead to leaks in your ceiling or attic as well.

When Will An Ice Dam Form?

An ice dam is more likely to form whenever temperatures begin to warm up a little and then suddenly drop. Since you cannot predict when warmer temperatures may come, the best way to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof is to clear away snow after a storm by using a roof rake. Anytime there is more than a foot of snow on your roof, the odds of an ice dam forming are increased, which is why it is especially important to keep snow cleared on a regular basis.

Signs An Ice Dam Is Forming

Some signs that your roof has become damaged because of an ice dam are water stains or spots on your ceilings or in the attic. You may also want to look for moisture in the attic, especially after there has been a heavy snowstorm. Moisture spots will sometimes form around the top of exterior walls, especially on the top floor of two-story structures.

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