I'm Thinking About Replacement Windows. Are They a Smart Investment?

I’m Thinking About Replacement Windows. Are They a Smart Investment?

I'm Thinking About Replacement Windows. Are They a Smart Investment?

If your current windows are leaky, worn, or simply outdated, you may be wondering whether replacing them is a good idea. Of course they’ll look nice, but are replacement windows a smart investment? In most cases, the answer is “yes” – especially if your current windows are looking a bit worse for wear. While replacement windows come at a significant cost up front, they’ll pay you back in the long run. Here’s how.

Energy Savings

Did you know home windows are responsible for up to 30% of the heat loss in an average home? Glass is inherently a poor insulator. When windows are new and the glass is well sealed, you lose a lot less heat through your windows. But as they deteriorate and lose their seals, windows become far less efficient.

Replacement windows can help you save energy in a few different ways. Simply because they are new and well-sealed, these windows will transfer less heat than your old windows. A layer of trapped air between the two (or three) glass panes acts as an insulator, slowing heat transfer. New replacement windows are also made with more insulating sash and frame materials, such as vinyl or fiber composite. These materials stay better sealed to the glass throughout the lifespan of the window, so your windows remain efficient for years to come.

If you choose Low-E replacement windows, you’ll save even more on energy. Low-E windows are coated in a metallic material that reflects heat waves. In the summer, they reflect heat away from your home, lowering your air conditioning costs. In the winter, they reflect heat into your home, lowering your heating bills.

Increased Home Value

You’re not the only one who finds replacement windows attractive. Potential home buyers like them, too. In fact, some buyers specifically seek out homes that have had their windows replaced recently. As such, replacing your windows will increase your home value. Whether you choose to sell now or in a few years, you’ll earn more for your home if it has new windows. You may also get more offers, which gives you more bartering power in the sale.

Protection Against Leaks

Have you ever found drips of water inside your windows after a storm? Maybe you’ve noticed some mold along the sash, or perhaps you’ve even had a puddle of water on the floor inside your window. Leaky windows are a big deal because they lead to water damage. And water damage is expensive to repair.

New replacement windows won’t leak. This means you won’t have to worry about rotten floorboards or damaged drywall around your windows anymore. Replacing your windows can also help protect against mold growth. Mold which grows on and around old, leaky windows isn’t good for your health. Replace your windows, and you might find you and your family members have fewer allergy symptoms.

If you repair water damage around your windows but don’t replace the windows themselves, you’ll soon end up with the same issue. The best approach is to replace the leaky windows and the water-damaged materials. The sooner you do this, the less water damage you’ll have to contend with.

Less Hassle and Maintenance

You probably spend more time dealing with your old windows than you realize. Maybe you have to put on extra sweatshirts in the winter because the area around your windows is so chilly. Perhaps you decorate with extra drapes and window treatments to hide the chipping paint on the frames. Homeowners often spend hours putting plastic sheets over old, leaky windows in the fall. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to do these things?

With new replacement windows, you can let go of a lot of these time-consuming habits. Your home will be less drafty in the winter, so you can dress comfortably. You’ll want to show off your new windows, so a simple shade or curtains is all you need in terms of window treatments. And with new, well-sealed windows, there’s no need to insulate with plastic sheeting or rope caulk.

Today’s replacement windows are incredibly low maintenance. There’s no need to scrape, paint, or reseal them. You can spend the time you save working, enjoying activities with your family, or maybe even tackling other home renovation projects to increase your home value.

So, are replacement windows a smart investment? If you want to increase your home value, save money on energy, and prevent water damage, it’s time to give replacement windows another look. Contact Midwest Roofing Siding & Windows in the Twin Cities to learn more about our window replacement options. Our experienced installers will help you choose the perfect brand and style of windows. We work with several reputable brands, all of which provide many years of energy savings and leak resistance. 

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