How Will Vinyl Siding Increase My Home Value?

How Will Vinyl Siding Increase My Home Value?

How Will Vinyl Siding Increase My Home Value?

Will vinyl siding increase home value? While not guaranteed, new vinyl siding is an excellent way to boost your Twin Cities home’s curb appeal and value. 

By the Numbers

Remodeling magazine’s Cost Vs. Value tells us that replacing your Minnesota home’s existing exterior finish with durable, beautiful vinyl siding returns roughly 53 percent of your investment at resale. 

One way to think about that: you get more than a 50 percent discount off the cost of enjoying fresh, new siding on your home when (or if) you decide to sell. 

Appearance Matters

The statistics cannot reveal the whole story. Your home may offer a greater view of siding to the street than a neighbor’s home tucked into a tree-canopied lot. Your home may have multiple stories and many wall surfaces, making its siding an important, visually powerful feature. 

Siding is crucial to the appealing look of your home. The roof may crown the castle, but if the siding is leaking, discolored, faded, dingy, or dirty, that crowning glory can look downright shabby. 

Advantages of Fresh Siding

Vinyl siding appeals to homebuyers because it fits into today’s busy lives easily:

  • Vinyl siding is very easy to maintain—no scraping, priming, or repainting is needed every two years as with traditional wood siding.
  • Vinyl siding is durable, offering excellent economy over time—Its typical lifespan of 40+ years is an added bonus to your initial low installation cost.
  • Vinyl siding offers a massive palette of colors—Your home need not stay stuck in the 1970s with Harvest Gold siding. Without changing trim colors or selecting a beautiful new roof, your Twin Cities home can leap into the 21st century clad in Aegean Olive, Natural Bark, White Dove, or other trending 2020s colors.

An excellent resource for unpacking the many choices in vinyl siding is your local, reliable installer and contractor. Ask all the questions you want, take your time selecting the perfect color, and then sit back and watch your home’s value rise, rise, rise!

Added Value

In addition to being more appealing to buyers, new siding can also improve your Twin Cities home’s green energy footprint. Older siding is usually far less energy efficient than modern offerings, some of which have insulation built right into the siding. Midwest Roofing Siding & Windows in the Twin Cities offers complete solutions for any concern you have about your Minnesota home. Contact us today to learn more about vinyl siding, roofing, and other exterior home services.

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