Should You Replace Your Windows When Installing New Siding?

When you plan to get new siding for your Twin Cities home, you also have the option of replacing your windows. Should you replace your windows when installing new siding? Knowing whether or not to do so depends on a few different factors.

Condition of Your Windows and Siding

Consider the condition of your siding and windows, such as whether both are showing their age. If it’s getting close to when it’s time to have both replaced, it makes more sense to replace them at the same time. If your siding isn’t in good condition but your windows are, you can opt to only replace your siding.

How can you tell if your windows need to be replaced? A couple of signs to watch for include leaky or fogged up windows. This indicates your windows have experienced considerable wear and tear.

Aesthetic Concerns

When you’re getting new siding, think about your home’s curb appeal. While brand new siding helps boost your home’s appearance, older windows could lower your curb appeal because they will stand out so much more. If your windows will look outdated when you get new siding, consider having both done at once.

Your Budget

If your budget is enough to have both siding and windows replaced at the same time, keep in mind how you could save money. You might pay more to have both done compared to only having siding replaced. However, your cost overall should be lower compared to having your windows and siding replaced at separate times. Having your windows done at a later time means you’ll need to have siding removed. When you have both done at once, this won’t add up to higher labor costs.

Benefits of Replacing Both

When you’re deciding whether to have both windows and siding done at once, think about the benefits of this option. When you have windows replaced, it’s not just new glass panes being installed.

Your contractor has to remove and replace several components, such as the casing, flashing and weather barrier. Your contractor might also need access to the sheathing or subwall. Having this done at the same time as your new siding makes it easier and less labor-intensive, resulting in a less complicated project overall.

If you’re thinking of having the siding and windows replaced for your Twin Cities home, contact Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows for more information about our services.

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