Invest in a Roof Warranty — Why You’ll Never Regret It

If you’re planning to replace the roof on your Twin Cities home, you’re likely considering different shingle types, looking for just the right color and comparing costs. Another key factor that deserves top priority in your decision making is whether to invest in a roof warranty.

Why Investing in a Roof Warranty Matters

Roofing materials are like most other products: high-quality, more expensive versions typically last longer. Unlike most consumer goods, however, the longevity of roofing shingles is determined to a large degree by the quality of installation. In other words, you can pay top dollar for the thickest premium shingles available and end up experiencing performance issues or a premature replacement if the installation was flawed.

Basics of Roof Warranties in Minneapolis

Once you understand the relationship between installation and shingle performance, you’ll want to learn more about the different types of warranties:

  • Standard warranties. This is the basic warranty on roofing shingles that covers defects in the material for a set period, which varies in length depending on the manufacturer and product purchased. Generally, the warranty gives you 100% coverage for 3, 5 or 10 years, with prorated coverage that’s good for a partial refund or credit based on the remaining length of your warranty period.
  • Standard warranties don’t cover roofing system components like flashing, vents, underlayment, water shield or the cost of removing/disposing of defective shingles. If the problem is due to improper installation, you’ll have no coverage at all.
  • Extended warranties. Roofing manufacturers offer their best warranties for a nominal cost through their certified contractors who receive factory training on proper installation techniques. Most manufacturers offer two or three types of upgraded warranties, depending on the type of shingle and whether a complete roof system is purchased. With an extended warranty, you can expect a non-prorated period ranging from 15–50 years, depending on the exact shingle, as well as coverage for removal and disposal costs.

For peace of mind that your roof is properly installed and protected against workmanship and material defects, investing in a top-of-the-line manufacturer’s warranty is a decision you won’t regret.

At Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows, we’re factory certified by two of the nation’s leading roofing manufacturers – Owens Corning and GAF, so we can offer the most comprehensive roof warranties available in the Twin Cities. To learn more about different roofing warranty options for your Minneapolis home, contact us today!

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