Is a Roof Replacement Part of Your New Years Resolution?

The start of a new year brings renewal, and it’s not just about diet and exercise. Your house can benefit major changes, too. A roof replacement increases your home value while providing years of weather protection and curb appeal for your home. It’s a major investment, but well worth taking the time to sit down and make decisions about how to go about choosing the best new roof for your home and how to budget for it as an investment.

Planning Your Roof Replacement

If you are considering a major roof renovation or replacement, your first step should be to meet with experienced, skilled contractors to learn about the best options for your home and the estimated costs. At Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows, we’ve been building and repairing roofs in the Twin Cities for more than 40 years, and we come with GAF Master Elite and Owens Corning Platinum accreditation—making us one of a handful of contractors in the country with such a high level of credentials. We can help you make the right decision for materials, as well as energy-efficient membranes, skylights, solar fans, and other options.
Once you have a vision in mind for your roof replacement, you will need to establish a level of investment that makes sense for your family. The cost of a new roof is well worth the money, but it’s a serious investment that you should take time to consider before moving forward with a quality contractor.

Budgeting for a Roof Replacement

Once you have some estimates and an idea of what you want to spend on your roof replacement, you can figure out how many months it would take to save up the sum. For instance, if you plan on spending $6,000 on the roof and you can put away $1,500 per month, you need four months to save the total. However, you may wish to budget for a little bit more than the estimates in case there are any unforeseen issues that increase the grand total.
For long-term planning, consider how potential energy savings will mitigate the cost over time. Many modern roofs can save hundreds of dollars per year in heating and cooling costs, helping the new roof pay for itself.
To get an estimate and begin planning for your new roof, contact Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows today and make a resolution to improve your home.


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