Boosting Aesthetics and Value: Is Siding Really a Good Investment?

Boosting Aesthetics and Value: Is Siding Really a Good Investment?

Boosting Aesthetics and Value: Is Siding Really a Good Investment?

If you own a residential home or commercial building, you understand that quality siding is essential to protecting your abode or structure for the long term. As a proud homeowner or astute commercial business owner, you want a siding product that appeals aesthetically yet meets your budget. But is siding a good investment? Can it improve the value of your home or business? Or does it yield no net gain?

Is Siding A Good Investment?

When you invest in renovating or upgrading your home or business, you add tangible value to it. Installing new siding is an effective way to meaningfully improve your property’s appearance and marketability. This article explores the benefits of installing new siding for your home or building. We also highlight the various residential and commercial siding types and which best fits your needs.

6 Ways New Residential Or Commercial Siding Adds Value

New siding transforms the aesthetic appearance of a home or business. Prospective buyers take notice. They know they don’t have to spend significant resources replacing old or damaged siding. This factor improves a building’s marketability, translating into a higher closing price. Generally, owners are strongly encouraged to install new siding before selling.

If you intend to continue owning your home or business long-term, installing new siding can reap ongoing benefits (i.e., improved energy efficiency, increased comfort, added curb appeal, and less maintenance). Peace of mind comes from knowing that your structure has new, durable siding to withstand outside elements, including harsh and inclement weather.

Today’s advances in siding technology enable a structure to have insulated siding that seals it from air leaks. Taking this measure enhances the building’s efficiency and reduces (or eliminates) draftiness. A sound structure reduces heating bills in colder months and cooling bills in hotter months. The result is a meaningful savings in energy and utility bills.

For most homes, the first exterior feature observers notice is the siding. If your home’s siding has a sleek, attractive appearance, it makes your home stand out. Conversely, if the siding is worn, dated, or damaged, your home lacks curb appeal, suggesting it needs new siding as soon as possible. The same holds true for commercial, industrial, or retail buildings.

In today’s world, customers have far more siding options than in previous generations. Many types of maintenance-free siding exist to appease the most discerning customers. Materials resistance to fading, chipping, and cracking means longevity. With an extended lifespan, structure owners endure fewer repairs and enjoy reduced maintenance expenses.

As siding ages, it becomes less structurally sound as water and other unwelcome outside elements seep into the home through weak points in the siding. Consequently, wood rot and other interior deterioration impact the structural soundness of the house or commercial building. Avoiding this challenge necessitates that building owners consider replacing the siding.

Instaling Siding

Types Of Residential And Commercial Siding Offered By Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows

Home on a hill With New Siding

Historically, traditional wood siding offered owners a viable option for a natural wood aesthetic. Unfortunately, this option was highly susceptible to water damage and required intense and costly upkeep. Subsequently, engineered wood (as manufactured, composite, or synthetic siding) arrived on the market as a viable alternative to traditional wood siding.

Building owners desire a long-lasting, low-maintenance siding material. Fiber cement offers durability with minimal upkeep and repair expenses. Manufactured from cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers, fiber cement is a high-performance, non-combustible siding product. It costs less than brick, stucco, or wood and strongly withstands moisture intrusion.

To secure siding that lasts a lifetime (and beyond), steel offers the durability that other types of siding cannot deliver. As a fire-resistant and waterproof material, it safeguards against outside forces. Steel also provides unmatched energy efficiency. Notably, it comes in various colors, styles, and profiles, enabling owners to customize the look they prefer.

No siding product is more widely available than vinyl. Today’s vinyl offers low maintenance and enhanced durability. It also remains a very affordable option and meets most budgets. As a versatile and flexible material, vinyl can be installed on most homes and a host of commercial buildings. With its clean, sleek appearance, vinyl offers aesthetic curb appeal.

Involving An Experienced Residential And Commercial Siding Contractor

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