Can You Repair Leaks In Your Siding?

Can You Repair Leaks In Your Siding?

Water leaks into your home’s siding can occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases, improperly sealed flashing will allow water to enter the house through vents, doors, and windows. Clogged gutters can also cause water to spill over onto the flashing, causing buckling and warping over time. If you believe there’s a leak in your home’s siding, it’s probably best to contact professionals for help. Siding contractors will evaluate the full scope of the problem and develop comprehensive solutions to repair the leak.

Solutions for Siding Leaks

Water which finds its way behind your siding can potentially reach your home’s interior and cause significant damage. Check the walls in your home for water stains or any signs of mold growth. You may also find indications of a siding leak around the carpet or baseboards. Keep a lookout for any signs of warping or swelling wood which could point to an ongoing, active leak. Homeowners can approach addressing issues with siding leaks in several ways. 

Install Correct Flashing and J-Channels

J-channels are trim pieces used in siding, around windows and where the roof edge meets the soffit. A J-channel is a piece of plastic engineered to keep water from entering the home at these key locations. Incorrect installation of J-channels or flashing can cause water to become trapped inside the walls of your home. Professionals will check all penetration points to ensure adequate flashing and sealing has been applied.

Seal Up Gaps in the Siding

It’s possible to seal up small cracks or gaps with caulk or putty. It’s usually best to let a professional handle this, although temporary repairs will protect the integrity of your siding until help arrives. Any potential entry points for water should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before any form of caulk or sealant is applied. 

Invest in a Regular Gutter Cleaning

When your gutter system becomes clogged with debris, water will start to back up and overflow. This water can enter your home through gaps in your fascia or siding any time it rains. It’s a good idea to invest in an ongoing roof maintenance plan which includes consistent gutter cleaning to keep water away from the house. In some cases, additional downspouts will need to be installed to handle high-volume rainfall. It’s typically recommended for there to be one downspout installed for every 20 feet of gutter.

Common Siding Questions

It’s a good idea to discuss any siding concerns you have with a professional. Siding professionals have considerable experience dealing with water leaks and will know the best method for resolving the issue. Before you commit to siding repair or replacement, go over all the available options with your contractor.

Can Siding Be Repaired and How is it Done?

If a piece of siding is severely damaged, it will likely need to be replaced. While small cracks or holes in the siding can often be patched up easily, your siding contractor may recommend replacing larger sections around the damaged area. A thorough siding inspection will need to be done to determine the extent of the damage caused by the leak. Next, an accurate cost estimate will be provided for the work which needs to be done.

Is it Better to Replace All Siding than to Repair it?

Hidden damage behind the siding may require a complete siding replacement. The cost of replacing portions of your siding will depend on the material it’s made out of. Vinyl siding tends to be the most affordable material to repair while real wood, stone, or stucco siding can get more expensive. Sometimes, replacing the siding is more affordable than repairing it. If your siding is reaching the end of its lifespan anyway, it may be worth it to simply install new material.

Can I Repair Siding Myself?

It’s never recommended for homeowners to perform work on their siding or roof by themselves. Repairing siding can be dangerous and challenging work. Siding professionals have years of experience in the field, possessing the resources and knowledge required to get the job done safely and efficiently. Furthermore, professionals will be able to provide warranties and guarantees for their work which will keep your home protected far into the future. 

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