Why Minnesota Homes Need A Seamless Gutter System

At one time, gutters were sold just in sections, which is why traditional systems have seams. Sectional gutters still exist, as sections are connected with sealant. While this system helped manufacturers to mass produce gutters, a more modern, efficient and leak-resistant seamless system using one piece of aluminum has become the most reliable type of gutter system in Minnesota.

What Is a Seamless Gutter?

Gutters are meant to divert water away from the structure of a home or building, which protects the roof and structure from damage. Effective seamless gutter systems keep water out of the basement and away from the foundation. A seamless gutter has no joints, which can eventually be the source of leaks. With a seamless gutter, you also have fewer maintenance issues to worry about.

Seamless vs Traditional Systems

A key advantage of a seamless gutter system is that strong winds and freezing have minimal impact, which is why they are common in Minnesota. Since seamless gutters are made with a single sheet of aluminum without a seam, they look more uniform and modern than sectional gutters. Traditional systems will more likely need significant repairs over the years. The seams and sealant

Why Seamless Gutters Contribute to a Healthy Roof

Since aluminum is rust free, you will have a durable gutter system. Rust can spread throughout metal causing further wear and tear, but a rust-resistant gutter means less degradation. An aluminum seamless gutter can maintain a clean and shiny appearance for a long time, whereas rusted metal looks cheap and neglected, reducing curb appeal. Seamless gutters also come in multiple colors to match your roof and home.

If Water Isn’t Diverted from the Foundation

Without a sufficient strategy to divert water from a foundation, you run the risk of water overflowing into your basement along with all the problems that come with moisture, such as mold and rot. Seamless gutters are designed to eliminate these worries. Water that flows around your foundation will also start to deteriorate the supporting walls. This damage is often expensive to repair and a hassle to access.

How Midwest Installs Gutters

Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows will manufacture an aluminum seamless gutter on your residential or commercial roof. We customize gutter systems based on the size and style of your home or business. Once the system is installed it’s important for it to be inspected periodically as a proactive measure to spot problems early.

Contact us at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows to learn more about how we can provide high quality and efficient roofing solutions to minimize major maintenance issues and maximize roof longevity.

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