Minnesota Weather and Your Insurance Plan

Homeowners insurance is the type of expenditure that you pay into as an investment in your home’s security, but you hope you never need to file an insurance claim.

However, when the weather gets nasty in the Twin Cities area, there’s always the chance your roof will sustain damage. Keep reading for tips on what to do following roof damage and how to get your insurance claim processed accurately and quickly.

What To Do Following Roof Damage

The Twin Cities area experiences inclement weather in any season that may necessitate an insurance claim. Common causes of roof damage are impacts, such as from hail or fallen tree limbs due to wind-driven storms or the weight of snow and ice. Torn or lifted shingles and ensuing water penetration is another common cause of roof damage.

It is important to act quickly to minimize water damage to your home, but you still need to be prudent when deciding to work with a contractor. It is well worth establishing a relationship with a reputable roofing contractor before your roof and home suffers damage.

Assessing Roof Damage

Your roofing contractor should thoroughly assess the condition of your roof, attic and home. All damage should be documented the old-fashioned method by pen and paper and, also, with images and video.

This is an important step in the insurance claim process. Many contractors will only provide a free estimate if you agree to use their services for the roof repair or roof replacement. This means signing a contract. That’s why it’s vital to already have an established relationship with a reputable roofer.

Processing Your Insurance Claim Quickly

Once your contractor has an estimate of your roof damage, contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will outline the next steps, which include an evaluation by an insurance adjuster and receiving an initial check to get repairs started.

If you have a mortgage, the mortgage company may need to endorse the check before you can deposit it. Depending on the scope of the work (e.g. a roof repair vs. a roof replacement), you may pay your roofing contractor in payments or in one bulk sum.

Make sure your roofing contractor stays within budget and time frame and communicates with your insurance company.

For the most professional roofing services in the Twin Cities area, please contact Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows to help with your homeowner’s insurance claim and roof repairs.

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